Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 4: June 16–July 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Gina Cherelus, “How We Juneteenth.”

Mariame Kaba, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police.”

R. H. Lossin, “In Defense of Destroying Property.”



b2o Review, “COVID-19 Dossier.”

Hortense J. Spillers, “Apocalypse Now and Then.”

Charles Bernstein, “Herd Immunity.”

Nathan L. Grant, “Horseman No. 5.”

The A-Line Editorial Staff, “Convergence 5: Apocalypse Now and Then.”

Adrian Parr, “Pandemic Urbanism.”

Neil Vallelly, “The Coronavirus Decade: Post-capitalist Nightmare or Socialist Awakening?”

Umair Haque, “If Life Feels Bleak, It’s Because Our Civilization Is Beginning to Collapse.”

Hamilton Nolan, “There Is No Plan (For You).”

Muneeb Hafiz, “What is a Key Worker?”

James Fallows, “The Three Weeks That Changed Everything.”

Kelly Glass, “Black Families Were Hit Hard by the Pandemic. The Effects on Children May Be Lasting.”

Laura Barrón-López, Elena Schneider, and Alice Miranda Ollstein, “‘People Can’t Ignore It Anymore’: Across the country, Minorities Hit Hardest by Pandemic.”

Joseph Goldstein, “68% Have Antibodies in This Clinic. Can a Neighborhood Beat a Next Wave?”

Ian Bogost, “Revenge of the Suburbs.”

David Leonhardt, “It’s 2022. What Does Life Look Like?”

Cade Metz, “Riding Out Quarantine with a Chatbot Friend: ‘I Feel Very Connected.'”

Fred Kaplan, “It Doesn’t Look Like the Protests Are Causing a COVID-19 Spike.”

Paul Krugman, “America Drank away Its Children’s Future.”

And Sam Cohen, “There’s No Crying on Zoom.”



Apoorva Mandavilli, “The Coronavirus Can Be Airborne Indoors, WHO Says.”

Kashmira Gander, “Scans Reveal Heart Damage in over Half of COVID-19 Patients in Study.”

Ralph Nader, “Out of the Ashes of Covid-19 Should Rise Our Unstoppable Medicare for All Movement.”

Sam Meredith, “WHO Warns It Could Take Up to 5 Years before the Coronavirus Pandemic Is under Control.”

Daniela Hernandez, Sarah Toy, and Betsy McKay, “How Exactly Do You Catch COVID-19? There Is a Growing Consensus.”

James Hamblin, “Can AC Spread the Coronavirus?” (Yes.)

Tara Parker-Pope, “How Safe Are Outdoor Gatherings?”

Erin Biba, “How a Traumatized Nation Can Cope.”

Jane C. Hu, “States Are Focused on Reopening. But What About Reclosing?”

Sara Rigby, “Coronavirus Immunity Appears to Last for ‘at Least Two Months’ after Diagnosis.”

Sharyn Alfonsi, “Flawed COVID-19 Antibody Tests Shipped without FDA Review.”

Christianna Silva, “Parties—Not Protests—Are Causing Spikes in Coronavirus.”

Jon Hamilton, “How Mutations in the Coronavirus May Affect Development of a Vaccine.”

Will Feuer, “CDC Says US Has ‘Way too Much Virus’ to Control Pandemic as Cases Surge across Country.”

And Jean-Pierre Changeux, Zahir Amoura, Felix Rey, and Makoto Miyara, “A Nicotinic Hypothesis for Covid-19 with Preventive and Therapeutic Implications.”


Nuclear and Environmental

Lydia Millet, “American Individualism Is My Climate Fear.”

Maria Kramer, “‘Now I Am Become Death’: The Legacy of the First Nuclear Bomb Test.”

“Columbia to Establish a Climate School to Meet the Challenges of a Warming World.”

Daria Litvinova and Seth Borenstein, “The Arctic Is on Fire: Siberian Heat Wave Alarms Scientists.”

Jeff Berardelli, “100.4 Degree Arctic Temperature Record Confirmed as Study Suggests Earth Is Warmest in at Least 12,000 years.”

Kate Aronoff, Alyssa Battistoni, Daniel Aldana Cohen, and Thea Riofrancos, A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal.

“The World Should Think Better about Catastrophic and Existential Risks.”

Nadja Popovich, Livia Albeck-Ripka, and Kendra Pierre-Louis, “The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.”


Politics and Economics

Matthew Impelli, “Majority of Americans Support Closing Down Economy again over Coronavirus Spike: Poll.”

Cory Doctorow, “Forget UBI, Says an Economist: It’s Time for Universal Basic Jobs,” “Jobs Guarantee [links],” and “Full Employment.”

The Drift, “‘A Worldwide Mutual Pact’: An Interview with Wendy Brown.”

Frank Partnoy, “The Looming Bank Collapse.”

The Drift, no. 1, and “Editor’s Note: Now More So than Ever.”

Andrea Long Chu, “The More Things Change,” review of Rodham, by Curtis Sittenfeld.

Kim Moody, “How ‘Just-in-Time’ Capitalism Spread COVID-19.”

Indi Samarajiva, “American Passports Are Worthless Now (Map).”

David Marchese, “Jon Stewart Is Back to Weigh In.”

And Gabrielle Bellot, “Freedom Means Can Rather than Should: What the Harper’s Open Letter Gets Wrong.”



David Corn, “Donald Trump’s Corruption Is Killing Americans.”

Jeff Sharlet, “‘He’s the Chosen One to Run America’: Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel.”

Paul Krugman, “The Deadly Delusions of Mad King Donald.”

Jenny Stanton, “AOC Joins Hundreds of Twitter Users Claiming Teens on TikTok and K-Pop Fans Sabotaged Trump’s Tulsa Rally and Left Seats Empty by Reserving Thousands of Tickets with No Intention of Showing Up.” 

Jeet Heer, “Trump Is Trying to Remake the Military in His Own Ugly Image.”

Jeffrey Toobin, “The Roger Stone Case Shows Why Trump Is Worse than Nixon.”

Peggy Noonan, “The Week It Went South for Trump.”

Juliette Kayyem, “Trump Turns the US into an Outcast.”

Ian Bogost and Alexis C. Madrigal, “How Facebook Works for Trump.”

Jennifer Hansler and Brian Stelter, “‘Wednesday Night Massacre’ as Trump Appointee Takes Over at Global Media Agency.”

David Smith, “Trump Bruised as Polls Favor Biden–but Experts Warn of Risk of Dirty Tricks.”



Dennis Overbye, “Seeking Dark Matter, They Detected Another Mystery.”

Becky Ferreira, “A Massive Star Has Seemingly Vanished from Space With No Explanation.”



Leif Weatherby, “Data and the Task of the Humanities.”

Ed Simon, ed., The Anthology of Babel.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Emily Birnbaum, “Is It Time for a ‘Digital New Deal’ to Rein in Big Tech?”

Ellen Wiese, “Alternate Reality Game A Labyrinth Offers a Model for New Media in a Distanced Age.”

And New York City’s Street Trees (thanks Dean).


Theory and Criticism

Moira Weigel, “Palantir Goes to the Frankfurt School” and “The Pioneers of the Misinformation Industry.”

Davis Smith-Brecheisen, ed., “Realism Reevaluated,” special issue, Mediations.

Anna Kornbluh, “Climate Realism, Capitalist and Otherwise.”

Mathias Nilges, “Prolegomena: Prospective Realism in a Present without Future.”

Nicholas Brown, “Interpretation without Method, Realism without Mimesis, Conviction without Propositions.”

Matthew Flisfeder, “Introduction: Reading Capitalist Realism, Ten Years On.”

Jodi Dean, “Capitalism is the End of the World.”

Benjamin Noys, “The Breakdown of Capitalist Realism.”

Leigh Claire La Berge, “‘Is There No Time?’ A Conversation with Mark Fisher.”

Kai Heron, “We Still Have a World to Win: From Capitalist Realism to Post-Capitalist Desire.”

Dan Hassler-Forest, “Setting Fire to Wet Blankets: Radical Politics and Hollywood Franchises.”

Charlie Tyson, “The Professor of Gimmicks.”

Kai Heron, “Capitalist Catastrophism.”

Robert Ryan, “Reading Adorno,” review of Adorno’s Poetics of Form, by Josh Robinson.

Jessica Hurley, “Neoliberalism Then, Now, and Then Again,” review of Novel Shocks: Urban Renewal and the Origins of Neoliberalism, by Myka Tucker-Abramson.

“The Global Plantation: An Exchange between Adom Getachew and Christopher Taylor.”

Lee Konstantinou, ed., “Capitalism or Freedom: A Symposium on Martin Hägglund’s This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom.”

Christian Thorne, “Immanuel Kant’s Manifesto for Dad Rock,” review of Autonomy: The Social Ontology of Art under Capitalism, by Nicholas Brown.


Literature and Culture

Walidah Imarisha, Alexis Gumbs, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Adrienne Maree Brown, and Mia Mingus, “The Fictions and Futures of Transformative Justice.”

Rochelle Spencer, “Reading Black Futures.”

Madison McCartha, “Notes toward a Virtual Poetics: On Solaris, Assemblage, and Blackness | (Part 1).”

Viet Thanh Nguyen, “Vietnamese Lives, American Imperialist Views, Even in Da 5 Bloods.”

Lorrie Moore, “The Balletic Millennial Bedtimes of Normal People.”

Claire Connolly, “The Power of Literature in a Time of Plague.”

Kristen Bateman, “Academia Lives—on TikTok” (on Dark Academia).

David Roth, “How Starship Troopers Aligns with Our Moment of American Defeat.”

Sam Carter, “Can a Novel Be Silent?”

Paul Elie, “How Racist Was Flannery O’Connor.”

Katie Lambright, “Doing More with Less: Marie Kondo at Work,” review of Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life, by Scott Sonenshein and Marie Kondo.



Karla Kelsey, ed., “Feminist Poetics of the Archive: A Forum.”

Eva Heisler, “Rachel Blau DuPlessis on Portals, Poems, and Collage.”

Karla Kelsey, “An Interview with Rachel Blau DuPlessis.”

Charles Bernstein, “Firewood/Foreword to Reading Experimental Writing, ed. Georgina Colby.”

Penteract Poetry Podcast, “Episode 09: James Knight (Chimera Launch).”


Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “Dream Poem,” “ETZ / TZE,” and “A Series of Codas.”

Ben Lerner, “The Rose.”

Franz Kafka, “The Rescue Will Begin in Its Own Time.”

Jake Wolff, “My Father’s House.” 

Adrienne Walser, Entertainer of the Year Runner Up.

BlaButler, Alice Knott.

James Knight, Chimera.

Ken Hunt, The Manhattan Project.


Humanities and Higher Education

The Chronicle Review, “The Great Reopening Debate.”

Pam Belluck, Apoorva Mandavilli, and Benedict Carey, “How to Reopen Schools: What Science and Other Countries Teach Us.”

Elliott Murtaugh, “City University of New York Lays Off 2,800 Adjuncts in Wave of Austerity.”

Natasha Anderson, “University of Akron Eliminating 178 Positions Due to Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic.”

Lilah Burke, “More Infections from an Online Semester?”

John Warner, “Lurching Toward Fall, Disaster on the Horizon.”

Anemona Hartocollis, “Colleges Face Rising Revolt by Professors.”

Scott Ferguson, Benjamin Wilson, William Saas, and Maxximilian Seijo, “Overcoming COVID-19 Requires Rethinking University Finance.”

Meghan Roos, “Dozens of Educators Exposed to Coronavirus during School Reopening Meeting.”

Dean O. Smith, “How University Finances Work in a Crisis.”

Shawn Hubler, “‘We Could Be Feeling This for the Next Decade’: Virus Hits College Towns.”

Sheldon Jacobson, “Op-ed: University Towns Poised to Become the Next COVID-19 Epicenters.”

Martin Woessner, “The Pedagogy of Rage: Teaching Working Students During a Pandemic.”

Adam Harris, “The Nightmare That Colleges Face This Fall.”

Bill Burger, “A Tale of Two Colleges.”

Derek Newton, “Online College Classes Should Have No More Than 12 Students.”

Nell Gluckman, “Here’s What Anthony Fauci Thinks about Colleges’ Plans to Reopen This Fall.”

Anemona Hartocollis and Dan Levin, “As Students Put Off College, Anxious Universities Tap Wait Lists.”

Cóilín Parsons, “Trump’s New Front in War on Immigration: International Students.”

Maggie Levantovskaya, “Faculty Are Not Cannon Fodder.”

Mario Koran, “UC Berkeley Reopening in Doubt after 47 Coronavirus Cases Tied to Fraternity Parties.”

Micahel S. Roth, “Higher Education Needs Antifascism Now.”

Richard Utz, “Against Adminspeak.”

Ben Burgis, “Nationalize the Ivy League, So We Can Rename Yale ‘UConn New Haven.'”

Winnie Hu, “In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for the Life Examined.”

Melinda Ciccocioppo, “A Word of Caution to Students about Outlier Courses.”

The Pitt News Editorial Board, “Fall Instruction Must Be Entirely Remote.”

And 155-Acre College Campus.



Deb Perelman, “In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. You Can’t Have Both.”

Anya Kamenetz, “What Parents Can Learn from Child Care Centers That Stayed Open During Lockdowns.

Perri Klass, “How Are You Telling Children the Story of the Pandemic?”

Phillip Maciak, Frog and Toad and Me.”

And Sally Miller and Julie Vick, “Would-You-Rathers for Parents during Quarantine.”


Brian X. Chen: “You’re Doomscrolling Again. Here’s How to Snap Out of It.”

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