Summer 2019 Links

I had the privilege of meeting Richard Siken when I was quite young–an undergraduate at the University of Arizona–and he gave me lots of good advice on the poetry world (and life), conversations I still cherish. Please help him out.

Stroke Recovery Fund for Poet Richard Siken.


Nuclear and Environmental

Alenka Zupančič, “The Apocalypse Is (Still) Disappointing.”

James Livingston, “Time, Dread, Apocalypse Now.

Ted Nordhaus, “The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse.”

Jessica Hurley and Dan Sinykin, eds., Apocalypse, special issue of ASAP/Journal.

Frame, Apocalypse.

Brad Plumer, “Humans Are Speeding Extinction and Altering the Natural World at an ‘Unprecedented’ Pace.”

Damian Carrington, “Why The Guardian Is Changing the Language It Uses about the Environment.”

John Vidal, “The Rapid Decline of the Natural World Is a Crisis Even Bigger than Climate Change.”

Andrew Kramer, “Russia Pulls Out of INF Treaty in ‘Symmetrical’ Response to US Move.”

Sharon Lerner, “Waste Only: How the Plastics Industry Is Fighting to Keep Polluting the World.”

Lacy M. Johnson, “The Fallout: In St. Louis, America’s Nuclear History Creeps into the Present.”

Chris Mooney, “The Arctic Ocean Has Lost 95 Percent of Its Oldest Ice.”

Brian Kahn, “Satellite Images Show Vast Swaths of the Arctic on Fire.”

Sarah Emerson, “Catastrophic Temperature Rise in the Arctic Is ‘Locked in,’ UN Report Says.”

Jeff McMahon, “We Have Five Years to Save Ourselves from Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says.”

Erin McCormick, Charlotte Simmonds, Jessica Glenza, and Katharine Gammon, “Americans’ Plastic Recycling Is Dumped in Landfills, Investigation Shows.”

Democracy Now, “School Strike for Climate: Meet 15-Year-Old Activist Greta Thunberg, Who Inspired a Global Movement.”

Emma Brockes, “When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Met Greta Thunberg: ‘Hope Is Contagious.'”

Han de Groot, “The Best Technology for Fighting Climate Change Isn’t a Technology.”

Damian Carrington, “Tree Planting ‘Has Mind-Blowing Potential’ to Tackle Climate Crisis.”

Umair Irfan, “Restoring Forests May Be One of Our Most Powerful Weapons in Fighting Climate Change.”

Bill McKibben, “At Last, Divestment Is Hitting the Fossil Fuel Industry Where It Hurts.”

Fiona Harvey and Jillian Ambrose, “Pope Francis Declares ‘Climate Emergency’ and Urges Action.”

Jonathan Amos, “America Colonization ‘Cooled Earth’s Climate.'”

Sierra Club, “ICYMI: Gator Pants, Space Pirates, Lucky Asteroid, and More.”

Rory Nevins, “Innovation, Explosion, and Reckoning on Ellis Avenue.” (Jessica Hurley on the University of Chicago’s involvement in nuclear technology and the ongoing crisis of thermonuclear monarchy.)

Miranda Corcoran, “Atom Bombs and Beauty Queens: Female Sexuality and the Iconography of Destruction.”

Diletta De Cristofaro, “Critical Temporalities: Station Elevn and the Contemporary Post-Apocalyptic Novel.”

Eric Holthaus, “Climate Change Caused the ‘Great Dying.’ aka the Planet’s Worst Extinction,” “Welcome to the Eocene, Where Ice Sheets Turn into Swamps,” and “A Groundbreaking Study Outlines What You Can Do about Climate Change.”


Green New Deal

Jasper Bernes, “Between the Devil and the Green New Deal.”

Naomi Klein, “The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn on the Green New Deal.”

Robinson Meyer, “The Democractic  Party Wants to Make Climate Policy Exciting.”

Jay Willis, “How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Might Help Save the Planet.”

Stephanie Kelton, Andres Bernal, and Greg Carlock, “We Can Pay for a Green New Deal.”


Politics and Economics

Bernard E. Harcourt, “How Trump Fuels the Fascist Right.”

Peter Ludlow, “Fascism Doesn’t Work Like That: A Review of Jason Stanley’s How Fascism Works.”

Christopher R. Browning, “The Suffocation of Democracy.”

Adam Tooze, “Is This the End of the American Century?”

Ed Burmila, “This Is Going to Get Worse.”

Patrick Granfield, “Trump’s Grand Display of Isolation.”

Sue Bird, “So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend.”

Patrick Iber, “Off the Map: How the United States Reinvented Empire.”

Chauncey Devega, “Welcome to the Fourth Reich: Donald Trump’s Assault on the Rule of Law Will Not End Well.”

Welcome to Hell World, “I Hate What They’ve Done to Almost Everyone in My Family.”

Miriam Jordan, “Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers.”

Jipson John and Jitheesh P. M., “‘The Neoliberal Project Is Alive but Has Lost Its Legitimacy’: David Harvey.”

Alfred McCoy, “The End of Our World Is Imminent.”

Annie McClanahan, “Introduction: The Spirit of Capital in an Age of Deindustrialization.”

“Dennis Erasmus,” “Containment Breach: 4chan’s /pol/ and the Failed Logic of ‘Safe Spaces’ for Far-Right Ideology.”

Stephen Marche, “The ‘Debate of the Century’: What Happened when Jordan Peterson Debated Slavoj Žižek.”

Srećko Horvat, “On Europe’s Turmoil: An Interview with Pamela Anderson.”

Laura Kipnis, “What Regrets about a Hasty, High-Profile #MeToo Resignation Reveal.”

Erin Griffith, “Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?”

Derek Thompson, “Workism Is Making Americans Miserable.”



Michael Harris, “Why Pay Attention to the So-Called Science Wars?”

Ferris Jabr, “The Truth about Dentistry.”

Corey S. Powell, “Scientists Are Searching for a Mirror Universe. It Could Be Witting Right in Front of You.”

Ephrat Livni, “Physics Explains Why Time Passes Faster as You Age.”

Stuart Thompson, “Why Plants Don’t Die from Cancer.”

Michael Havis and Kelly-Ann Mills, “The Real Moby Dick?”

And R. W. Yeh, “Parachute Use to Prevent Death and Major Trauma When Jumping from Aircraft.”



Katie Fitzpatrick, “Always Watching” and “None of Your Business: The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism.”

David Golumbia, “The Great White Robot God: Artificial General Intelligence and White Supremacy” and Parallax View w/ J. G. Michael, “Ep. 79: David Golumbia on the Silicon Valley Ideology, Racism, and AI.”

Jathan Sadowski, “When Data Is Capital: Datafication, Accumulation, and Extraction.”

Dan Cohen, “The Books of College Libraries Are Turning into Wallpaper.”

Alexandra Alter, “New Life for Old Classics, as Their Copyrights Run Out.”

Robert Epstein, “The Empty Brain” (the brain is not a computer).

Oscar Schwartz, “Unpopular Content: Outsmarting the YouTube Algorithm.”

Alexandra Juhasz, Learning From YouTube.

Sandi Harding, “I Manage the Last Blockbuster in the World.”

Dave Haeselin, “Be Kind, Rewind.”

“MySpace Lost All Music Uploaded from 2003 to 2015.”

Matt Brennan and Kyle Devine, “Music Streaming Has a Far Worse Carbon Footprint Than the Heyday of Records and CDs.”

Roderic Crooks, “What We Mean When We Say #AbolishBigData2019.”

Yancey Strickler, “The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet.”

Kristen V. Brown, “Facebook Literally Wants to Read Your Thoughts.”

Casey Newton, “Bodies in Seats.”

Julia Carrie Wong, “Facebook to Be Fined $5bn for Cambridge Analytica Privacy Violations.”

Shoshana Zuboff, “It’s Not That We’ve Failed to Rein in Facebook and Google. We’ve Not Even Tried.”

Hannah Jane Parkinson, “New AI Fake Text Generator May Be Too Dangerous to Release, Say Creators.”

James Gallagher, “‘Exhilarating’ Implant Turns Thoughts to Speech.”

Jason Barker, “Artificial Stupidity,” review of Fully Automated Luxury Communism: A Manifesto, by Aaron Bastani.

Ian Bogost, “Amazon Ruined Online Shopping” and “I Wrote This on a 30-Year-Old Computer.”

Scott Malcomson, “Winternet Is Coming.”

Max Read, “How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually.”

Sarah Dowling, Rebecca Colesworthy, Helen Rydstrand, and Alix Beeston, “Opening the Book, Part II.”

Kathryn Schulz, “My Father’s Stack of Books.”

Frank Cifaldi, “Recovering Nintendo’s Lost SimCity for the NES.”

Kat Rosenfield, The Millions Will Live On, but the Indie Book Blog Is Dead.”

Justin E. H. Smith, “It’s All Over.”

Ronald Purser, “The Mindfulness Conspiracy.”

Amy Lueck, “‘Have Fun in the Sun!’ The (Im)personal Archive of High School Yearbooks.”

And Zack Sharf, Oxford English Dictionary Adds over 100 Film Words, Including ‘Lynchian,’ ‘Tarantinoesque,’ and ‘Kubrickian.'”


Theory and Criticism

Nan Z. Da, “The Computational Case against Comptuational Literary Studies” and “The Digital Humanities Debacle.”

“Computational Literary Studies: A Critical Inquiry Online Forum.”

“More Responses to ‘The Computational Case against Computational Literary Studies.'”

Leif Weatherby, “Irony and Redundancy: The Alt Right, Media Manipulation, and German Idealism.”

Damon R. Young, “Ironies of Web 2.0.”

Rachel Greenwald Smith, “Fuck the Avant-Garde.”

Emma Stam, “Turn On, Tune In, Rise Up” (on Mark Fisher).

James Wood, “If God Is Dead Is Dead, Your Time Is Everything,” review of This Life: Secular Faith and Spiritual Freedom, by Martin Hägglund.

Conall Cash, “Socialism for Our Time: Freedom, Value, Transition,” review of This Life.

Amanda Anderson, “Criticism and Theory: 22 Theses.”

Annie McClanahan, “Serious Crises: Rethinking the Neoliberal Subject.”

Jeffrey J. Williams, “How the Critical Interview Became a Major Academic Genre.”

Jules Gleeson, “Judith Butler: The Early Years.”

Bonnie Johnson, “The Party of Utopia: A Report from the 43rd Annual Society for Utopian Studies Conference.”

Jessica Marie Johnson, “Markup Bodies: Black [Life] Studies and Slavery [Death] Studies at the Digital Crossroads.”

Hua Hsu, “Affect Theory and the New Age of Anxiety: How Lauren Berlant’s Cultural Criticism Predicted the Trumping of Politics.”

Paul A. Bové, “The Task of the Critic in the Era of Austerity.”

Rob Wilson, “Stubborn Resistance: Juliana Spahr’s Auto-Ethnography in the US Poetic Undercommons.”

Christopher Schaberg, “Teaching Critical Theory Today.”

Jared Marcel Pollen, “The Death of ‘the Death Of.'”

Michael Krause Frantzen, “No Utopia, Not Now?,” review of Utopia from Thomas More to Walter Benjamin, by Miguel Abensour.

Dominic Pettman, “The Species without Qualities: Critical Media Theory and the Posthumanities.”

Stefano Ercolino, “GN-z11, Homesickness for Ice, and Literary Theory.”

Ralph Clare, “How We Think of Our Lives: Boredom in Contemporary Literature.”

Sarah Wasserman, “Introduction: How We Write (Well)” and “How We Write Funny.”

Jeffrey J. Williams interviews Bruce Robbins, “Actually Existing Cosmopolitanism.”

Aaron Benanav and John Clegg, “Crisis and Immiseration: Critical Theory Today.”

David Golumbia, “The Deconstruction of Philology.”

Reza Negarestani, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin,” review of Applied Ballardianism, by Simon Sellars.

Aaron Hanlon, “How Not to Argue Like a Postmodernist” and “How Blind Reverence for Science Obscures Real Problems.”

Sarah Chihaya, Joshua Kotin, and Kinohi Nishikawa, eds., How to Be Now.

David M. Higgins and Hugh C. O’Connell, eds., Speculative Finance/Speculative Fiction.

The Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Postmodernism.

Margaret Ronda and Lindsay Turner, eds., “Poetry’s Social Forms.”

Dan Sinykin, ed., Cultural Analytics Now and “Distant Reading and Literary Knowledge.” review of Distant Horizon: Digital Evidence and Literary Change, by Ted Underwood.

Kate Dwyer, “Meet the Man Who Introduced Jacques Derrida to America.”

Cynthia L. Haven, “Farewell Richard Macksey, Legendary Polymath and ‘the Jewel in Hopkins Crown’ (1931-2019)” and “Remember Polymath Scholar Dick Macksey: ‘There Was No One Like Him, and No One Will Follow in his Tracks.”

And boundary 2, “Remembering Joseph A. Buttigieg” and Joseph A. Buttigieg, “Gramsci’s Method.”


Literature and Culture

Arundhati Roy, “Literature Provides Shelter. That’s Why We Need It.”

Samanth Subramanian, “The Prescient Anger of Arundhati Roy.”

Caity Weaver, “What Is Glitter?”

Sarah Wasserman and Kinohi Nishikawa, “The Return of the Return of the Repressed.”

Sheri-Marie Harrison, Us and Them.”

Natalie Diaz, “From an Iconoclast and an Icon, Poems of Personal and Public Transformation,” review of Evolution, by Eileen Myles.

Tracy K. Smith, “Political Poetry Is Hot Again” and “An Evening with Tracy K. Smith.”

Laura B. McGrath, “Comping White.”

Celeste-Marie Bernier and Bevan Sewell, eds., “Fictions of Speculation,” special issue of the Journal of American Studies.

Viet Thanh Nguyen, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous Is a Daring Tale of Queer Love and Pain.”

Min Hyoung Song, “The Beauty of Men: Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.”

Lee Cowan, “Extended Interview: Colson Whitehead on writing The Nickel Boys.

Gerry Canavan, “We Are Going on an Adventure: On Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Ruin.”

J. D. Connor, “+” (on Avengers: Endgame).

Aaron Bady, “Who’s the Baddie? Captain Marvel in the Age of American Empire.”

Joel Burges and Jason Middleton, eds., “Stranger Things” and Nostalgia Now.

Joel Burges, “The Violence of Nostalgia, or, the Crisis of Middle-Class Modernity.”

Namwali Serpell, “On Black Difficulty: Toni Morrison and the Thrill of Imperiousness.”

Ben Streeter, review of Some Trick, by Helen DeWitt.

Lee Konstantinou, “Something Is Broken in Our Science Fiction: Why Can’t We Move Past Cyberpunk?”

Ben Libman, “Whose Struggle? Karl Ove Knausgaard Is No Longer a Writer.”

Jack Halberstam, My Struggle: Confessions of a Tall, Aryan White Man–Volume 7.”

Ross Posnock, “‘Trust in One’s Nakedness’: James Baldwin’s Sophistication.”

Sheila Liming, “Fantasies of Functional Accumulation,” “Office Park: A Review of Amazon’s Spheres,” and “I Gave Myself to Sin.”

Eliot Peper, “Kim Stanley Robinson’s Lunar Revolution,” a review of Red Moon.

Gayle Rogers, “Oliver Girondo’s ‘Superwords,'” review of Decals, byGirondo, translated by Rachel Galvin and Harris Feinsod, and “Learning from Weirdos,” review of Outsider Theory: Intellectual Histories of Unorthodox Ideas, by Jonathan P. Eburne.

Scott Challener, “A Breathable Language: Oliverio Girondo and the Poetry of the Americas.”

Lindsay Turner, “Impossible Epic: On Sandra Simonds’s Orlando.”

Dan Chiasson, “The Last Poems of James Tate.”

Olivia Rutigliano, review of The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

Davis Smith-Brecheisen, “The Pleasure of Difficulty” (on Christine Brook-Rose).

Rachel Handler, “Behind the New, Gloriously Queer Emily Dickinson Movie.”

Susan Balee, “Another Story in The Overstory: One of Richard Powers’s Trees Has a Human Avatar.”

Andrea Long Chu, Pscyho Analysis: Bret Easton Ellis Rages against the Decline of American Culture.”

Isaac Chotiner, “Bret Easton Ellis Thinks You’re Overreacting to Donald Trump.”

Tony McMahon, “Journal of DFW Studies: Letter from the Managing Editor.”

Hannah Smart, “Death Was Not the End: David Foster Wallace Ten Years Later.”

The Great Concavity, “Discussing David Foster Wallace with Marshall Boswell.”

Taffy Brodesser-Akner, “Jonathan Franzen Is Fine with All of It.”

Peter Coviello, “Killing Joke,” review of Hark, by Sam Lipsyte.

Tim Groenland, “The Fantasy Editor.”

Sheila O’Malley, “Present Tense: Infinite Brando.”

Rachel Mennies, “Shifty I’s, ‘Ariel,’ and Fandom.”

Brian Glavey, “TMI: Confession and Performance,” review of The Art of Confession: The Performance of Self from Robert Lowell to Reality TV, by Christopher Grobe.

Jane Hu, “Sally Rooney’s Great Millennial Novels.”

Charles Mudede, “Not Believing in God Might Still Get You into Heaven” and “Why Pacific Rim: Uprising Is the Most Important Film of 2018.”

Kyle Winkler, “Ursula K. Le Guin’s Warning: Sci-Fi as Operating Instructions for Life.”

Daniella Gáti, review of Maximalism in Contemporary Literature: The Uses of Detail, by Nick Levey.

Gill Partington, “Thinking inside the Box.”

Nina Sabak, “Introducing 2019 Debutante Jake Wolff.”

Joe Bielecki, “Eating Nadia’s Pig: An Interview with John Trefry.”

Mike Corrao, “Flesh Objects: On John Trefry’s Apparitions of the Living.”

Katherine Beaman, Apparitions of the Living by John Trefry: Mystery Murders.”

Dennis Cooper, “Mine for Yours: My Favorite Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, Film, Art, and Internet from 2018” (indie stuff).

Owen Williams, Fortnite Isn’t a Game, It’s a Place.”

Husein Kesvani, “The Teens Who Listen to ‘Mallwave’ Are Nostalgic for an Experience They’ve Never Had.”

Ian Bogost, “Video Games Are Better without Characters.”

Jedd Hakimi, “Why Are Video Games So Special?: The Supreme Court Case against Medium Specificity.”

Emma Vossen, “Why the ‘Gamer Dress’ Is about So Much More than Just a Dress.”

Tommy, “On the Persistence of Game Studies Dull Binary.”

Review of Tenebrae: A Journal of Poetics, no. 2.


Game of Thrones

Aaron Bady, Sarah Mesle, and Phillip Maciak on Game of Thrones season 8, ep. 1, ep. 2, ep. 3, ep. 4, ep. 5, and ep. 6.

Zeynep Tufekci, “The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones.”

Kristen Warner, “Fans with Feels: Game of Thrones as Soap Opera.”

Alyssa Bereznak, “The Last Popular TV Show.”

And Invincible Summer, “Heart of Glass.”


Fiction, Poetry, CNF, and Art

Chloe Watlington, “Who Owns Tomorrow?”


Patricia Hernandez, “People Are Trying to Find the Truth about a Creepy ‘Unfinished’ Playstation Game.”

Kaveh Akbar, “The Palace.”

Kevin Young, “Throwing Weight into Sound: Kaveh Akbar on Poetry and Power.”

Jill Lepore, “The Lingering of Loss.”

Lauren Russell, “Open Letter from Our Writer in Residence: Dear Silver-Haired Woman on the Back Patio of the Lesbian Bar Called Mothers & Daughters.”

Sarah Osment and Robert Cashin Ryan, eds., Hyped on Melancholy.

Lee Konstantinou, “Hall of Presidents.”

Jake Wolff, “Model Boy,” “Case History: Anna Agrees to an Autopsy,” “On the Fine Art of Researching for Fiction,” and “A Stutterer’s Guide to Fiction Writing.”

Jame Knight, “Poetry Is Hell.”

Lyz Lenz, “I Wanted to Fall in Love with Men. I Also Wanted Men to Leave Me the Hell Alone.”

Nicolas Hausdorf, “Gillette–A Hallucination.”

Mary Lawlor, “The President’s Ghost.”

Brian Oliu, I/O.

Grant Maierhofer, “walker.”

Andrew Hook, The Girl with the Horizontal Walk.

Mike Good, “C.W.P.”

Tyler Parker, “Russ Is Gone: A Sad Farewell to an Oklahoma Icon.”

And, “Simone Vezzani particle rendering a portrait from the Bode-Museum using Redshift.”



David Anthony, The Shape of Punk, including (but not limited to): At the Drive-In’s In/Casino/Out; AVAIL’s Over the James; Cave In’s Until Your Heart Stops; Jets to Brazil’s Orange Rhyming Dictionary; The Locust S/T; Refused’s The Shape of Punk to Come; Saetia’s  S/T.


Creative Writing

Maggie Doherty, “Unfinished Work: How Sexism and Machismo Shaped Prestigious Writing Program.”

Joseph Darda, “The Philosophy of Creative Writing.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Andrew Kay, “Academe’s Extinction Event: Failure, Whiskey, and Professional Collapse at the MLA.”

Devin M. Garofalo, Anna Hinton, Kari Nixon, and Jessie Reeder, “The Humanities Without Nostalgia.”

Troy Vettese, “Sexism in the Academy.”

Anastasia Berg, “Fanning the Flames while the Humanities Burn.”

Aaron Robertson, “The Most Recent ‘Crisis in the Humanities’ Is Really Just a Case of Crossed Wires.”

Peter J. Kalliney, “We Reversed Our Declining English Enrollments. Here’s How.”

Profession, “Academic Freedom” and “Public Humanities.”

Jacquelyn Ardam, “Real Toads at the International Cryptozoology Museum” and Twitter thread on articles why someone would leave academia. . ., and “Things I Have Suffered while a Visiting Assistant Professor in Central Maine.”

Nick Hanauer, “Better Schools Won’t Fix America.”

Leonard Cassuto, “Outcomes-Based Graduate School: The Humanities Edition.”

Christiana Figueres and Bill McKibben, “We Won’t Speak at Your Commencement–and Hope No One Else Will Either.”

UC Office of the President, “UC terminates subscriptions with world’s largest scientific publisher in push for open access to publicly funded research.”

Jon Marcus, “Most Americans Don’t Realize State Funding for Higher Ed Fell by Billions.”

Carolyn Betensky, Seth Kahn, Maria Maisto, and Talia Schaffer, “Common Good, Not Common Despair.”

Aaron Hanlon, “Lies About the Humanities — and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them” and “The University Is a Ticking Time Bomb.”

Jonathan Kramnick, “What We Hire in Now: English by the Grim Numbers.”

Herb Childress, “This Is How You Kill A Profession.”

Lucy Ives, “Has Tenure Become an Instrument of Intimidation?”

Anna Fazackerley, “‘It’s Cut-Throat’: Half of UK Academics Stressed and 40% Thinking of Leaving.”

Gordon Fraser, “The Twitterization of the Academic Mind.”

Chris Fleming, “The Tyranny of Trendy Ideas.”

Grace Lavery, “Grad School as Conversion Therapy.”

Christopher Castiglia and Christopher Reed, “Conversion Therapy v. Re-education Camp: An Open Letter to Grace Lavery.”

“An Open Letter from Queer Studies Scholars.”

Joseph G. Ramsey, “The Invisible Faculty.”

Caitlin Kelly, “Fashioning Professionalism as Contingent Faculty.”

Jane S. Gabin, “College Counselors and College Labor.”

Sam Fallon, “The Rise of the Pedantic Professor.”

Molly Worthen, “The Anti-College Is on the Rise.”

Connor Goodwin, “Sneaker Money,” review of University of Nike: How Corporate Cash Bought American Higher Education, by Joshua Hunt.

Shaun King, “The NCAA Says Student-Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid Because the 13th Amendment Allows Unpaid Prison Labor.”

“Labor Board Plans Rules on Worker Protests, Student Organizing.”

Arianna MacNeill, “Hampshire College President Releases Statement on Plan for ‘Strategic Partnership.'”

John Warner, “WTF IS Going On at Wright State?”

Kera Bolonik, “The Most Gullible Man in Cambridge.”

Cal Newport, “Is Email Making Professors Stupid?”

Ross Bullen, “How to Format Your Essay Using Any Style Guide.”

And Jonathan Marks, “News, Bad and Good, from the Dean of Arts and Sciences.”



Leslie Jamison, “Reading while Nursing.”

Katie Gutierrez, “Writing During Naptime, a Parent’s Practice.”

Madeline Lane-McKinley, “Unthinking the Family in ‘Full Surrogacy Now,'” review of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism against Family, by Sophie Lewis.

And Ross Murray, Waiting for Godot with 4-Year-Olds.”



Ed Blazina, “Obituary: Chuck Kinder / Gregarious Writer, Pitt professor Was Basis of Character in Wonder Boys.”

Playing Iran.

Bill Schackner, “Bid to Organize Pitt Faculty Falls Short, but Union Contests Ruling.”

Tyler Bickford, “How Well Does the University of Pittsburgh Pay Non-Tenure-Track Faculty?” and University of Pittsburgh, “Financial Report: Fiscal Year 2018.”

Deb Erdley, “Labor Disputes Escalates as Pitt Declines to Comply with Subpoena.”

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