End of the Semester Links, Fall 2018

Nuclear and Environmental

Fourth National Climate Assessment.

Deconstructed, “Will the US Ever Give Up Its Nukes?”

“Trump Says US Will Withdraw from Nuclear Deal with Russia.”

Wilfred Wan, “The Nuclear Threat Is Rising: Europe Cannot Just Stand and Watch.”

Will Steffen, et al, “Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene.”

Kate Aronoff, “‘Hothouse Earth’ Co-Author: The Problem Is Neoliberal Economics” and “With a Green New Deal, Here’s What the World Could Look Like for the Next Generation.”

Kim Stanley Robinson, “To Slow Down Climate Change, We Need to Take On Capitalism.”

Coral Davenport, “Major Climate Report Describes Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040.”

Nathaniel Rich, “Losing the Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.”

Jonathon Porritt, Caroline Lucas, Clive Lewis, and others, “Climate Change Is Real: We Must Not Offer Credibility to Those Who Deny It.”

Chris Mooney, “Huge Part of Arctic Ocean Is Shifting to an Atlantic Climate.”

William Finnegan, “California Burning.”

Washington Post, “Startling New Research Finds Our Oceans Are Soaking Up Far More Heat than We Realized.”

Jean-Thomas Tremblay, “No More Nature: On Ecopoetics in the Anthropocene.”

Céline Chuang, “Greening Our Golden Hour Grief: How Not to Be Afraid of the End of the World.”

Liz Koslov, “Let Us Now See Climate Change.”

Bernie Sanders on climate change and Trump.

Damian Carrington, “Humanity Has Wiped Out 60% of Animal Populations since 1970.”

And 106 years ago: “Coal Consumption Affecting Climate.”


Politics and Economics

David Barstow, Susanne Craig, and Russ Beuttner, “Trump Engaged in Suspect Tax Schemes as He Reaped Riches from His Father.”

Dave Lindorff, “The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed.”

Keith A. Spencer, “How Bitcoin Made Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories Mainstream: An Interview with David Golumbia.”

Adam Kotsko, “The Political Theology of Trump.”

Mark Karlin, “Henry A. Giroux: The Nightmare of Neoliberal Fascism.”

Mark Tseng-Putterman, “A Century of US Intervention Created the Immigration Crisis.”

Richard Hill, “Too Big to Be,” review of The Curse of Bigness: Antitrust in the New Gilded Age, by Tim Wu.

John Pat Leary, “Innovation and the Neoliberal Idioms of Development.”

Intercepted, “Donald Trump, Fascism, and the Doctrine of American Mythology.”




Jonathan Basile, The Library of Babel.

Lisa Fluet, “Rethinking Dust: On Carolyn Steedman, Archival Studies, and Critique.”

Isabel C. Ruehl, “Poets Lauterbach and Wier Announce Harvard’s New John Ashbery Reading Library.”

Climate Home News, “‘Tsunami of Data’ Could Consume One Fifth of Global Electricity by 2025.”

Julie Cluck and Nick Barberio, “Deconstructing Derrida.”

David Golumbia, “We Don’t Know What ‘Personal Data’ Means.”

Alexander R. Galloway, “Tangled,” review of Network Aesthetics, by Patrick Jagoda.

Ian Bogost, “Why Is There a ‘Gaming Disorder’ But No ‘Smartphone Disorder?'” and “Welcome to the Age of Privacy Nihilism.”

The Editors of n+1, “The New Reading Environment.”

Zeynep Tufekci, “YouTube, the Great Radicalizer.”

Zachary Loeb, “All Watched Over by Machines,” review of Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet, by Yasha Levine.

Lisa Gitelman, Emoji Dick and the Eponymous Whale, An Essay in Four Parts.”

Phillip Pantuso, “Visiting an Experimental, Do-It-Yourself Library in Brooklyn.”

Jonathan Watts and Dom Phillips, “Brazil National Museum Blaze in Rio Blamed on Austerity.”

R. Joshua Scannell, “Architectures of Managerial Triumphalism,” review of The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty, by Benjamin Bratton.

Brian Ashcraft, “This Isn’t a Photo of Japan, but a City Made in Minecraft.”

Nate Freeman, “Christie’s Will Sell an Artwork Created by an Artificial Intelligence for the First Time.”

Open Culture, “The Art Institute of Chicago Puts 44,000+ Works of Art Online.”

Alice Notley’s Magazines: A Digital Publishing Project.

Allison Quinn, “Banksy Painting Self-Destructs Seconds After Being Sold for $1.4 Million at Auction.”

A Million Blue Pages. (On Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.)



James A. Lindsay, Peter Boghossian, and Helen Pluckrose, “Academic Grievance Studies and the Corruption of Scholarship.”

Alexander C. Kafka, “‘Sokal Sqaured’: Is Huge Publishing Hoax ‘Hilarious and Delightful’ or an Ugly Example of Dishonesty and Bad Faith?”

Greg Afinogenov, “Orthoxxed!: On ‘Sokal Squared.'”

Christian McCrea, “The Extremely Mad Professors.”


The Avital Ronell Affair

Lee Konstantinou, “Avital Ronell and the End of the Academic Star.”

Corey Robin, “The Unsexy Truth about the Avital Ronell Scandal.”

Andrea Long Chu, “I Worked with Avital Ronell. I Believe Her Accuser.”

Masha Gessen, “An NYU Sexual-Harassment Case Has Spurred a Necessary Conversation about #MeToo.”

Marjorie Perloff, “What the Avital Ronell Affair Says about the State of the Profession.”


Theory and Criticism

Aaron Hanlon, “Postmodernism Didn’t Cause Trump. It Explains Him.”

Kim Stanley Robinson, “Dystopias Now.”

Claire Jarvis, et al., “Being a Woman in Public.”

Jasper Bernes, Joshua Clover, and Juliana Spahr, “Period Style and the Art of the Present.”

Alexander Beaumont and Adam Kelly, eds., “Freedom after Neoliberalism.”

Laura Copelin, Peyton Gardner, and Timothy Morton, Hyperobjects for Artists.

N. Katherine Hayles and Tony D. Sampson, “Unthought Meets the Assemblage Brain: A Dialogue.”

Lyn Hejinian, “Everything Is Imminent in Anything.”

David Golumbia, ed., “The Digital Turn.”

Mikkel Krause Frantzen, “Economic and Literary Speculations,” review of Finance Fictions: Realism and Psychosis in a Time of Economic Crisis, by Arne de Boever.

Robert T. Tally Jr., “Fredric Jameson’s Ruthless Critique of All That Exists.”

Wai Chee Dimock, “Editor’s Column–Historicism, Presentism, Futurism.”

Devin Griffiths, “Untimely Historicism.”

Sheila Liming, “You Can Read (and So Can This Computer),” review of Enumerations: Data and Literary Study, by Andrew Piper.

Merve Emre, “All Reproduction Is Assisted.”

Bruce Robbins, “The Novel and the Poor.”

Jonathan Arac, “Joseph Frank and the Untimeliness of Intelligence.”

Reza Negarestani, “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin (Reading Applied Ballardianism).”

Charles Bernstein, “Finding Cavell.”

Christopher Benfey, “Stanley Cavell, 1926-2018.”

Lindsay Waters, “Stanley Cavell, Philosopher Untamed.”

The Institute for World Literature, “Major French Literary Critic Pascale Casanova Dies at 59.”

Brian Massumi, “Occupy Surplus Value: Toward the Revaluation of Value.”

McKenzie Wark, “Wild Gone Girls” and “Confusion to Our Enemies.”

Sarah Brouillette, “Wageless Life.”

Lionel Ruffel, “A Dangerous Book: On The Invisible Committee and The Coming Insurrection.”

Jasper Bernes, “Communism Might Last a Million Years.”

Myka Tucker-Abramson, “Make Literary Criticism Great Again,” review of Site Reading: Fiction, Art, Social Form, by David Alworth.

Ava Kofman, “Bruno Latour, the Post-Truth Philosopher, Mounts a Defense of Science.”

John Kidd, “The Strange Case of the Missing Joyce Scholar.”

And Marx for Cats.


Literature and Culture

Emily Critchley and Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, “#MeToo: A Poetry Collective.”

Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves: Pilot by XXXXXXXXXXXX.”

Claire Miye Stanford, “Speaking for the Trees: Richard Powers’s The Overstory.”

Everett Hamner, “Here’s to Unsuicide: An Interview with Richard Powers.”

Sheri-Marie Harrison, “New Black Gothic.”

Rachel Greenwald Smith, My Struggle, vol. 6.”

Fredric Jameson, “Itemised,” review of My Struggle: The End, vol. 6, by Karl Ove Knausgaard.

Dan Sinykin, My Struggle, vol. 6.”

Xan Brooks, “Don DeLillo on Trump’s America: ‘I’m Not Sure the Country Is Recoverable.”

Sam Huber, “Poetry after Poetry: On Anne Boyer.”

Kyle Proehl, “Not Unpacking but Seeking,” review of A Handbook of Disappointed Fate, by Anne Boyer.

Tim Kreider, “But Who Is the Dreamer? Twin Peaks: The Return.”

Sumita Chakraborty, “The Trouble You Promised: Reading Tracy K. Smith.”

Ruth Franklin, “Tracy K. Smith, America’s Poet Laureate, Is a Woman with a Mission.”

Tracy K. Smith, The Slowdown.

Lee Konstantinou, “Helen DeWitt, Hand to Mouth.”

John Yoe, review of American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin, by Terrance Hayes.

Anna Iones, “Scroll+Assemble+Repair: Reading The Argonauts.”

John Ashbery, “Climate Correction.”

Wen Stephenson, “Carbon Ironies: William T. Vollmann on the Hot Dark Future.”

Ted Hamilton, “‘When I Was Alive’: William T. Vollmann’s Climate Letter to the Future.”

Andrea Long Chu, “No One Wants It,” review of She Wants It, Jill Soloway.

Jess Row, “What Are White Writers For?”

Clare Hayes-Brady, “Reading Your Problematic Fave” and Steve Paulson, “David Foster Wallace in the #MeToo Era: A Conversation with Clare Hayes-Brady.”

Megan Garber, “David Foster Wallace and the Dangerous Romance of Male Genius.”

Claudia Dey, “Mothers as Makers of Death.”

Alex Miller, “In Defense of the Medium,” review of Why Comics? From Underground to Everywhere, by Hillary Chute.

Alexander Lehner, “A Short Theory of Ecocritical Metagames: Shadow of the Colossus and Everything.”

Trevor Strunk, Fortnite Could Only Exist in a World That’s Running Out of Resources.”

Salvatore Pane, “The Problem with Transactional Sex in Open-World Games” and Stellaris: The Final Frontier of Late Capitalism.”

Patrick Thomas Henry, “Multiverse, Unlimited: Salvatore Pane’s The Theory of Almost Everything.”

David G. Schwartz, review of The Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games: Why Gaming Culture Is the Worst, by Christopher A. Paul.

Dana Gioia, “The State of Poetry: Loud and Live.”

Faith Hill and Karen Yuan, “How Instagram Saved Poetry.”

Claire Fallon, “Instagram Poetry Is a Huckster’s Paradise.”

In Contrast, Why Poetry: Matthew Zapruder.”

Kat Rosenfield, “Poetry Twitter Erupts over a Plagiarist in Their Midst.”

Jeff Maysh, “How an Ex-Cop Rigged McDonald’s Monopoly Game and Stole Millions.”

Alex Sobel, “Postmodern Literature Is the Best Expression of What It’s Like to Be Autistic.”

Joey Lew, “Confessional Imagination: An Interview with Rachel Mennies.”

Jeff VanderMeer, “The World Is Full of Monsters.”

Lee Konstantinou, “Burned-Over Territory.”

Claire Donato, “Punching Bag.”

Jonathan Moody, “Paranoid.”

Kristin George Bagdanov, “unfield.”

Robert Barry, “Golden Ears: Alexander Provan on Measuring Device with Organs .”

Mark Sussman, “A Season for Losing.”

Jake Wolff, The History of Living Forever.

Eleanor Ainge Roy, “‘Ignore This’: Jonathan Franzen’s Top 10 Writing Tips Get Gleefully Trolled on Twitter.”

You Are Jeff Bezos.


And Beckett Mufson, “A Man Fell into a Massive, Fake-Looking Hole at an Art Museum.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Steven Zeitchik, “America 2018: If They Win This Game Show, Young People Can Have Their Student Debt Paid Off.”

Fernanda Zamudio-Suaréz, “Student-Loan Leader at Consumer Watchdog Agency Resigns in Protest.”

Juliana Spahr, “Building a Betters (Socialist) MFA System.”

Mieke Bal, “Let’s Abolish the Peer-Review System.”

Rachel Mennies, “Less Than Certain: How to Teach Bewildering Poems.”

Benjamin Schmidt, “The Humanities Are in Crisis.”

Christopher Schaberg, “The Radical Notion of a Smartphone-Free Campus.”

Andrew Marzoni, “Academia Is a Cult.”

Ryan Boyd, “Students Want to Write Well; We Don’t Let Them,” review of Why They Can’t Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay and Other Necessities,” by John Warner.

Jeffrey J. Williams, “The Rise of the Promotional Intellectual.”

Stanley Fish, “Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities.”

Emma Pettit, “U. of Akron Will Phase Out 80 Degree Programs and Open New Esports Facilities.”

Patrick Hogan, “We Took a Tour of the Abandoned College Campuses of Second Life.”

And Michael Huemer, “What’s Wrong with Soliciting Letters of Recommendation?”



James Fallows, “The Worst of Our Country–And the Best.”

Greg Barnhisel, “When Terrorism Hits Home.”

Joy Katz, “In Squirrel Hill.”

Carmen Gentile, “Pittsburgh Shooting: Thousands March to Remember Victims and Denounce Trump.”

Ellen Litman, “After the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting, a Russian-Jewish Immigrant Remembers Squirrel Hill.”

And Paula Reed Ward, “Two Men Charged with Stealing More Than $8 Million in Rare Books from Carnegie Library.”

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