Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 20: October 16–November 15, 2021

Nuclear and Environmental (and Apocalyptic)

Alex Traub, “Sunao Tsuboi, 96, Dies; Hiroshima Victim Who Lived to Tell His Story.”

Abigail Curtis, “Every Year, They Hike to Remember the Day the Rapture Didn’t Happen.”


Shane O’Neill, “Is It Just Us or Does Everyone Have a Cold Right Now?”

Politics and National Security State

Jim Tankersley, “Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill, Promoting Benefits for Americans.”

Carol Rosenberg, “US Military Jury Condemns Terrorist’s Torture and Urges Clemency.”

Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt, “How the US Hid an Airstrike That Killed Dozens of Civilians in Syria.”

Katie Benner, “Steve Bannon Turns Himself in on Contempt of Congress Charges.”


Ian Bogost, “The Metaverse Is Bad.”

Eric Hayot, Anatoly Detwyler, Lea Pao, eds., Information: A Reader.

Jill Lepore, “Elon Musk Is Building a Sci-Fi World, and the Rest of Us Are Trapped in It.”

Kashmir Hill and Ryan Mac, “Facebook, Citing Societal Concerns, Plans to Shut Down Facial Recognition System.”

Audio Arts (1972-2003).

US Copyright Office, Library of Congress, “Exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies.”

And rs1n, “Super Metroid: Speed Guide and FAQ.”

Theory and Criticism

Jonathan Thomas, “The Man Who Disapperead: An Interview with Sylvère Lotringer.”

Jennifer C. Nash and Samantha Pinto, eds., “Teaching the Feminist ‘Classics’ Now,” special issue, Feminist Formations.

Ryan Pierson, ed., “In Focus: Drawing on the Margins: Animation in Film and Media,” special dossier, JCMS.

Mark McGurl, “Generic Love or the Realism of Romance (The Consumer as Hero).”

Dan Sinykin, “The Naïf Goes to the Everything Store: On Mark McGurl’s Everything and Less.”

Marco Roth, “Adult Diaper Porn versus Henry James.”

Being Human Podcast, “The (Somewhat) Secret History Of Queer Theory: An Interview with Heather Love.”

Mark Goble, review of Dismantling: Words against Machines in the American Long Seventies, by Matt Tierney.

Literature and Culture

David Sims, Dune Is Epic, but That’s Not Why It’s Great.”

Chris Nashawaty, “Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Is A Future-Shock Masterpiece.”

Melissa Anderson, Inland Empire.

Daniel Victor, “Christopher Walken Destroys Banksy Painting on BBC Comedy Show.”

And Simon Romero, Julia Jacobs, and Glenn Thrush, “Alec Baldwin Was Told Gun in Fatal Shooting on Set Was Safe, Officials Say.”


Scott Cacciola and Jonathan Abrams, “Nets Bar Kyrie Irving from All Games until He’s Vaccinated.”

Sopan Deb, “Scottie Pippen Takes Aim at Michael Jordan in New Book.”


Tara Parker-Pope, “The Common Halloween Candy Mistakes That Parents Make.”

Humanities and Higher Education

Ethan Schrum, “The Prophet of Academic Doom.”

Gayle Rogers, “Too Much Information: Candor and the Department Chair.”

Josie F. Abugov and Harrison R. T. Ward, “Cornel West and the ‘True Harvard.'”

Dennis M. Hogan, “The Triumph of the Money Managers.”

Erik Gilbert, “College Finances Are Being Eaten From the Inside.”

Dan Bauman, “Higher Ed’s Jobs Recovery Sputters.”

Audrey Williams June, “Undergraduate Enrollment Continues Its Slide, Dipping 3.2 Percent From Last Year.”

William Pannapacker, “Tenured, Trapped, and Miserable in the Humanities.”

And Kate Hidalgo Bellows, “Bomb Threats Unsettle Ivy League and Ohio Universities.”


Rebecca Johnson, Martha Layne, Jon Moss, and Alexandra Ross, “Pitt Faculty Vote to Form Union by Wide Margin.”

Colleen Flaherty, “A Union Victory at Pitt.”

Joshua Byers, “‘A Statement’: University of Pittsburgh Faculty Vote to Unionize.”

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