Big, Ambitious Novels by Twenty-First-Century Women, Part 2

The second part of “Big, Ambitious Novels by Twenty-First-Century Women,” a special issue of Genre: Forms of Discourse and Culture edited by James Zeigler and Courtney Jacobs, was just published. My essay, “‘Is an Archive Enough?’: Megatextual Debris in the Work of Rachel Blau DuPlessis” appeared in part 1 (more here).

“Big, Ambitious Novels by Twenty-First-Century Women, Part 2”

Valentina Montero Román, “Telling Stories That Never End: Valeria Luiselli, the Refugee Crisis at the US-Mexico Border, and the Big, Ambitious Archival Novel.”

Liz Shek-Noble, “‘An Indigenous Sovereignty of the Imagination’: Reenvisioning the Great Australian Novel in Alexis Wright’s Carpenteria.”

Ivan Delazari, “Madeleine Thien’s Chinese Encyclopedia: Facts, Musics, Sympathies.”

Melissa C. Macero, “The Structure of Scares: Art, Horror, and Immersion in Marisha Pessl’s Night Film.”

Ben De Bruyn, “The Mom and the Many: Animal Subplots and Vulnerable Characters in Ducks, Newburyport.”


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