Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 19: September 16–October 15, 2021

Nuclear and Environmental

Min Hyoung Song, Climate Lyricism.


Cary Funk and John Gramlich, “Ten Facts about Americans and Coronavirus Vaccines.”

Apoorva Mandavilli, “If You’ve Had COVID, Do You Need the Vaccine?”

Zeynep Tufekci, “The Unvaccinated May Not Be Who You Think.”

Politics and Economics

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, “Pandora Papers.”

David Pegg and Dominic Rushe, “Pandora Papers Reveal South Dakota’s Role as $367bn Tax Haven.”

Raychel Gadson, “‘There’s No There There’: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on the Future of the Left.”

Elisa J. Sobo, Michael Lambert, and Valerie Lambert, “Land Acknowledgments Meant to Honor Indigenous People Too Often Do the Opposite – Erasing American Indians and Sanitizing History Instead.”

Jonathan Turley, “Clinton Lawyer’s Indictment Reveals ‘Bag of Tricks.'”

Tierney Sneed, Kara Scannell, Yon Pomrenze, and Paula Reid, “Indicted Trump Org. Ex-CFO Weisselberg Expects More Indictments, His Lawyer Says.”


Jill Walker Rettberg, “Speculative Interfaces: How Electronic Literature Uses the Interface to Make Us Think about Technology.”

Criticism and Theory

Bruce Robbins, “Said of the Sixties.”

Michelle Goldberg, “Why Sex-Positive Feminism Is Falling Out of Fashion.”

Zachary Loeb, “Specters of Ludd,” review of Breaking Things at Work, by Gavin Mueller.

Irfan Ajvazi, review of Hope without Optimism, by Terry Eagleton.

Literature and Culture

Octavio González and Lisa Mendelman, eds., “The Character of Literary Criticism,” special issue, ASAP Journal.

Lee Konstantinou, “The Character of Literary Criticism: Distributed Character.”

Mark McGurl, “Bezos as Novelist.”

Merve Emre, “Jonathan Franzen Thinks People Can Change,” interview.

Maggie Doherty, “Jonathan Franzen, America’s Next Top Moralist.”

Tony Tulathimutte, “Shock of the Old: Sally Rooney’s Fiction for End Times.”

Salman Rushdie, “Exit the Gods.”

Alex Shephard, “Who Will Win the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature?”

Fiction/Nonfiction and Poetry

Robert Kolker, “Who Is the Bad Art Friend?”

Katy Waldman, “The Short Story at the Center of the ‘Bad Art Friend’ Saga.”

Dez Miller, “Two Regenerating Poems.”


Jemele Hill, “Jon Gruden Just Put It in Writing.”


Maggie Doherty, “The Quiet Crisis of Parents on the Tenure Track.”

Humanities and Higher Education

Tom Bartlett, “The Mysterious Case of the Nonsense Papers.”

Emma Whitford, “Endowments Post Highest Returns since 1986.”

Greg Afinogenov, “Shrinking Graduate Cohorts Is a Bad Idea.”

Leonard Cassuto, “How to Begin Fixing Workplace Culture for Graduate Students.”

Lee Gardner, “The Truth about Strategic Plans.”

And Jacob Pacey, “Things That Are OK in Addition to ‘Not Being OK,’ According to Your Newly Minted Chief Wellness Officer.”

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