Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 18: August 16–September 15, 2021

This past fall semester I was teaching three classes and, it seems that whenever I do that, I don’t have time for other things, so the links have fallen away. I will post the backlog over the next few days and hope to be back and current by the fifteenth of December.

Nuclear and Environmental

Jessica Hurley and Jeffrey Insko, “Introduction: The Infrastructure of Emergency” and ed. “The Infrastructure of Emergency,” special issue, American Literature.

Heather Murphy, “Will These Places Survive a Collapse? Don’t Bet on It, Skeptics Say.”

Christian Wessels, “The Garbage of Our Time.”

Dorothy Wickenden, “Kim Stanley Robinson on ‘Utopian’ Science Fiction.”


New York Times, “COVID Updates: Biden Receives Preliminary Report on Virus Origin.”

Juliette Kayyem, “Vaccine Refusers Don’t Get to Dictate Terms Anymore.”

Politics and Economics

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, “Sotomayor’s Defiant Dissent.”

Kirsten Weld, “History Won’t Judge.”

Adolph Reed, Jr., “The Whole Country Is the Reichstag.”

Sarah Kliff and Josh Katz, “Hospitals and Insurers Didn’t Want You to See These Prices. Here’s Why.”

Peter S. Goodman and Keith Bradsher, “The World Is Still Short of Everything. Get Used to It.”


Brad Evans, ed., “When the Towers Fell,” special issue, Los Angeles Review of Books.

Jay N. Shelat, ed., “9/11 and the War on Terror at Twenty,” special issue, Post45.

Laila Lalami, “The Real Meaning of ‘Never Forget.'”

James Poniewozik, “Is 9/11 a Day, or Is It an Era?”

Samuel Cohen, “We Hide an Ugly Truth When We Call Sept. 11 ‘Patriot Day.’”


Sean Kitching, “In Praise of the Longer Novel.”

Danika Ellis, “The Most Translated Books from Every Country in the World.”

Theory and Criticism

Melissa Macero, ed., “Realism and the Dialectic,” special issue, Mediations.

Racheal Fest, “Culture and Neoliberalism: Raymond Williams, Friedrich Hayek, and the New Legacy of the Cultural Turn.”

Lola Seaton, “How Raymond Williams Redefined Culture.”

“Le philosophe Jean-Luc Nancy est décédé.”

Money on the Left, “Abstractions Also Liberate with Anna Kornbluh.”

Terry Eagleton, “The Marxist and the Messiah,” review of The Benjamin Files, by Fredric Jameson.

Devin William Daniels, “Kill the Body and the Head Will Die: Realism, Capitalism, and the Financier.”

Dominique Routhier, “Why Has Capitalism Run Out of Steam?”

Emanuel Maiberg, “Why The Guardian Censored Judith Butler on TERFs.”


Sarah Chihaya, Merve Emre, and Annie Julia Wyman, “Departmental Drama: A Conversation on The Chair.”

Alison Kinney, Grace Lavery, Dan Sinykin, and Rebecca Wanzo, “Spoiler Alert: The Chair Recaps.”

Karen Tongson, “A Chair Reviews The Chair.”

Johanna Winant, “Moby-Done: Are the Professors in The Chair the Whalers or the Whales?”

Beth Nguyen, The Chair Is a Pretty Accurate Portrayal of What It’s Like to Be a Woman Professor of Color. That’s Why It Can Be Painful to Watch.”

Center for Mark Twain Studies, “The Shush (& The Chair) with Michelle Chihara and Kyla Wazana Tompkins.”

L. D. Burnett, “My Quick Take on Netflix’s The Chair: It’s True Enough.

Brandon Taylor, The Chair Is Peak Jeans in Church Culture.”

Olivia Rutigliano, The Chair Castigates Every Academic Archetype, with Good Reason.”

Literature and Culture

Merve Emre, “Virginia Woolf’s Art of Character-Reading.”

Karen Han, Evangelion’s Final Finale Does What Its Other Endings Couldn’t.”

And Nestflix . . . It Never Ends, and other fictional Simpsons shows.


Jemele Hill, “Gentle Encouragement Wasn’t Going to Be Enough.”

The Bleacher Report, “Draymond and KD Reveal What Really Happened with Warriors Fallout | FULL INTERVIEW (Chips).”

Humanities and Higher Education

Modern Language Association, “Statement on Higher Education Provisions in the Budget Reconciliation Bill and Urgent Call to Action.”

Merve Emre and Len Gutkin, “The Groves of Academe Are Always on Fire: Crisis Has Been with the Modern Humanities since Their Inception.”

Amna Khalid and Jeffrey Aaron Snyder, “The Data Is In—Trigger Warnings Don’t Work.”

Nick Marcil, “Education Shouldn’t Be a Debt Sentence.”

Simon During, “‘Whiteness’ and the Humanities: An Impasse.”

Amy Olberding, “We’re Begging Students to Save Our Lives.”

Oyin Adedoyin, Kate Hidalgo Bellows, Francie Diep, and Nell Gluckman, “The Semester of Magical Thinking.”

Jeremy C. Young and Robert B. Townsend, “The Adjunct Problem Is a Data Problem.”

William Pannapacker, “On Why I’m Leaving Academe.”

Jessica Zeller, “Meditations on Agency: The Pedagogical, the Personal, the Political.”

Marisa Kofke and Dana Morrison, “Disability Studies in Education and Justice-Oriented Teacher Preparation: Understanding the Barriers and Possibilities of Integrating Critical Visions of Disability.”

And Dan Bauman, Julia Piper, and Brian O’Leary, “Executive Compensation at Public and Private Colleges.”


Alex N. Press, “A Huge Unionization Vote Is Looming at the University of Pittsburgh.”

The Pitt News Editorial Board, “Editorial | Pitt Should Have Never Given Us the Choice of In-person or Online Classes.”

Clare Sheedy, “Pitt Works to Make Room for Largest Ever First-year Class.”

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