Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 23: January 16–February 15, 2022

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Nuclear and Environmental

Henry Fountain, “An Extraordinary Iceberg Is Gone, but Not Forgotten.”

Jacob Blumenfeld, “Climate Barbarism: Adapting to a Wrong World.”

Joshua Rothman, “Can Science Fiction Wake Us Up to Our Climate Reality?”


The New York Times, “Moscow Is Pessimistic about Reaching Accord with US on Ukraine, but Talk Continues.”

Julian E. Barnes and Helene Cooper, “US Battles Putin by Disclosing His Next Possible Moves.”

And Max Fisher, “On Ukraine, US, and Russia Wage Signaling War to Avert Actual War.”


Apoorva Mandavilli, “Yes, Omicron Is Loosening Its Hold. But the Pandemic Has Not Ended.”

Steven Kurutz, “Too Young to Feel So Old.”

Alexander Provan, “The Great Equalizer” (from June 2020).

Saima May Sidik, “Heart-Disease Risk Soars after COVID—Even with a Mild Case.”

Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “US Government to Begin Accepting Requests for Free Covid Tests Next Week.”

Tara Parker-Pope, “How to Find a Quality Mask (and Avoid Counterfeits).”

Carl Zimmer, “‘Stealth’ Variant No Cause for Alarm, but Could Slow Case Decline.”

Politics and Economics

Dave Philipps, Azmat Khan, and Eric Schmitt, “A Dam in Syria Was on a ‘No-Strike’ List. The US Bombed It Anyway.”

Catie Edmondson, “Calling Civilian Casualties a ‘Failure,’ Democrats Urge Biden to Do Better.”

Steve Lohr, “What Can Replace Free Markets? Groups Pledge $41 Million to Find Out.”

Jasper Bernes, “Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me.”

Kenneth P. Vogel and Shane Goldmacher, “Democrats Decried Dark Money. Then They Won with It in 2020.”

Alan Feuer, Maggie Haberman, Michael S. Schmidt, and Luke Broadwater, “Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines” and “Memos Show Roots of Trump’s Focus on Jan. 6 and Alternate Electors.”

Robert Draper, “Michael Flynn Is Still at War.”

Mark Mazzetti and Adam Goldman, “Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture.”

Lisa Lerer, “‘Trump Is Wrong,’ Pence Says of False Claim about Overturning Election.”

Emma Goldberg, “You Quit. I Quit. We All Quit. And It’s Not a Coincidence.”

Noreen Malone, “The Age of Anti-Ambition.”

Christine Hauser and Michael Christopher Brown, “Sifting through the Train Thefts of Los Angeles.”

Jeremy W. Peters, “Sarah Palin v. New York Times Spotlights Push to Loosen Libel Law” and “Sarah Palin’s Libel Claim against The Times Is Rejected by a Jury.”


John Horgan, “Does Quantum Mechanics Reveal That Life Is But a Dream?”


Women in Theory Bibliography.

Toni Morrison, “Memo on Angela Davis.”

Alejandro Ramirez, “They’re Burning Books in Tennessee.”

Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman, “Trump Gives Documents Improperly Taken from White House to Archives.”

Jenny Gross, “Decoding Dickens’s Secret Notes to Himself, One Symbol at a Time.”

Jelisa Castrodale, “Entire Shipment of Cookbooks Sinks to the Bottom of the Ocean Causing Release Date Delays.”

Len Gutkin, “When Reading Is a Matter of Life and Death [an interview with Chris Celenza].”

Brett Sokol, “In Orlando, Twenty-Five Mysterious Basquiats Come Under the Magnifying Glass.”

Marc Hogan, “This Is How Much More Money Artists Earn from Bandcamp Compared to Streaming Services.”

The Library of America, “Forthcoming: Fall 2022.”

Sheera Frenkel, Mike Isaac, and Ryan Mac, “How Facebook Is Morphing into Meta.”

Mike Isaac, “Meta Spent $10 Billion on the Metaverse in 2021, Dragging Down Profit.”

Alyssa Lukpat, “An 8-Year-Old Wrote a Book and Hid It on a Library Shelf. It’s a Hit.”

Mark Millien, “The Lack of AI In the Expanse Is Its Most Important Vision of the Future.”

R. E. Hawley, “Write It in Garamond.”

And (perhaps again) Post45 Data Collective.

Theory and Criticism

George Yancy, Karlyn Crowley, Joy James, Bettina L. Love, john a. powell, Stephanie Troutman Robbins, and Gloria Steinem, “A Tribute to bell hooks.”

M. NourbeSe Philip, “On Monument Avenue.”

The American Vandal, “Bootstrapping across Dystopia: Autofiction, Autotheory, Authoeverything with Merve Emre and Anna Kornbluh.”

Mark D. Jordan, “In Search of Foucault’s Last Words.”

Eric Stein, “A Wonderfully Inconsistent Being: A Review of Timothy Morton’s Spacecraft.”

Literature and Culture

Merve Emre, “The Seduction of Ulysses.”

Daphne Merkin, “The Cult of Saint Joan.”

Nathan Blansett, “At Least He Reached Consummation: On Frank Bidart’s Against Silence.”

Bishop-Lowell Studies 1, no. 1 (December 2021).

Benjamin Markovits, “They Left a Broken US for Outer Space. Now They’re Coming Back.”

Yasmine Al-Sayyad, “A New Translation Brings Arabian Nights Home.”

Roxane Gay, “Why I’ve Decided to Take My Podcast Off Spotify.”

Mitch R. Murray, “Everything Possible with Everything Given,” review of The Matrix, by Lauren Groff.

Bo Burnham, the acapella version of “All Eyes on Me.”

And Dordle.

Creative Writing, Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction

Janice Lee, Entropy Is Saying Farewell.”

Sheila Heti, “A Diary in Alphabetical Order.”

Mike Good, “There Is a Certain Quiet in Maine.”

Academy of American Poets, “Carolyn Forché Named Newest Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets.”

Video Games

Cade Metz, “Sony to Buy Game Maker Bungie in $3.6 Billion Deal.”

Nikita Richardson, “How The Sims Became the Internet’s Most Exciting Place to Eat.”


Rich Johnston, “Jonathan Hickman Announces New Comics and 3W3M Print Collections.”

Jonathan Hickman, “Where We Start: A Primer: Part I.”

Justin Epps, “Grant Morrison’s New Comic Mixes Sci-Fi Ghost Story and Autobiography.”


Josh Katz, Kevin Quealy, and Alanis Thames, “Four Charts That Reveal Tom Brady’s Greatness.”

Humanities and Higher Education

Kevin R. McClure and Alisa Hicklin Fryar, “The Great Faculty Disengagement.”

The American Vandal, “A Hedge Fund with a Drone Fleet: Edwork in 2022 with Annie McClanahan and Asheesh Kapur Siddique.”

Grace Lavery, “Making Grad School Work for Weirdos.”

Lisa Duggan, “Academe’s Ugly Feelings.”

Michelle Chihara, “Twenty-Five Years Later.”

Nell Gluckman, “Three Women Accused a Harvard Anthropologist of Harassment and Retaliation. Now They’re Suing” and “They Signed a Letter in Support of a Colleague. Now They Want to Take It Back.”

Anemona Hartocollis, “A Lawsuit Accuses Harvard of Ignoring Sexual Harassment by a Professor.”

Vincent A. Brown, Alison F. Johnson, and Kirsten A. Weld, et al., “A Response Letter from Seventy-Three Faculty Members.”

Oyin Adedoyin, “‘This Is Not New’: Unsettled by Threats, HBCUs Reflect on a Long History of Racist Intimidation.”

Michael Vasquez, “Online Program Management Firms Are Thriving. And These Democrats Want Answers” and “Collin College Will Pay Ousted Professor $70,000 Plus Fees in Free-Speech Case.”

Katie Hidalgo Bellows, “U. of Arizona Is Tightening Its Embrace of Troubled UA Global Campus. Will Reputational Damage Follow?”

Jack Stripling, “Trapped in Trump’s Angry Tide.”

Sarah Emanuel, “The Deflating Reality of Life on the Tenure Track.”

Charlie Tyson, “Do the Numbers Lie?”


Julie Vick and Sally Miller, “Collective Nouns for Parenting.”


Scott Mervis, “Jerry Weber, Beloved Owner of Jerry’s Records in Squirrel Hill, Dies at 73.”

Rachel Treisman, “A Bridge in Pittsburgh Collapsed on the Day of Biden’s Planned Infrastructure Visit.”

Ed Blazina, et al., “Officials Seek Answers, Intensify Calls for Change after Pittsburgh Bridge Collapse.”


Bill Keeler, “Police: SUNY Oneonta Student Who Died after Cold Weather Exposure Identified.”

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