Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 13: March 16–April 15, 2021

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Nuclear and Environmental

Jessica Hurley and Dan Sinykin, “On the Ethics of Impossibility.”

Steven Watts, review of Infrastructures of Apocalypse, by Jessica Hurley.

Rebecca S. Oh, “Apocalyptic Realism: ‘A New Category of the Event.'”

Amy Brady, “Telling Tales of Climate Collapse: Novelists Weigh In.”

Patrick Kingsley, David E. Sanger, and Farnaz Fassihi, “After Nuclear Site Blackout, Thunder from Iran, and Silence from US.”



Lenny Bernstein and Ben Guarino, “Some Long-Haul COVID-19 Patients Say Their Symptoms Are Subsiding after Getting Vaccines.”

Pam Belluck, “First Covid, Then Psychosis: ‘The Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Ever Experienced.'”

“Who Can and Can’t Get Vaccinated Right Now.”

Emily Anthes, “Has the Era of Overzealous Cleaning Finally Come to an  End?” and “Why It Pays to Think Outside the Box on Coronavirus Tests.”

Tara Parker-Pope, “Can the Covid Vaccine Protect Me against Virus Variants?”

Alisha Haridasani Gupta, “Zoom Burnout Is Real, and It’s Worse for Women.”


Politics and Economics

David E. Sanger, “With Afghan Decision, Biden Seeks to Focus US on New Challenges” and with Michael D. Shear, “Biden, Setting Afghanistan Withdrawal, Says ‘It Is Time to End the Forever War.'”

Nicholas Fandos, “House Panel Advances Bill to Study Reparations in Historic Vote.”

Seamus Deane, “Apocalypse Now.”

Julian E. Barnes, “Russian Interference in 2020 Included Influencing Trump Associates, Report Says.”

Corey Robin, “Trump and the Trapped Country.”

Jesse Drucker, “An Accidental Disclosure Exposes a $1 Billion Tax Fight with Bristol Myers.”



Lisa Friedman, “EPA to Review Attacks on Science under Trump.”

Dennis Overbye, “A Tiny Particle’s Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics.”

Mark Ziemann, Yotam Eren, and Assam El-Osta, “Gene Name Errors Are Widespread in the Scientific Literature.”



Tamara Kneese, “Chasing White Supremacy into Tech’s Lairs.”



Theory and Criticism

Paul A. Bové, “The Reviewer Writes on Love’s Shadow, March 30, 2021″ and Love’s Shadow, an Appreciation.”

Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado, “On Cosmopolitanism and the Love of Literature: Revisiting Harold Bloom through His Final Books.”

Anna Kornbluh, Robert S. Lehman, Michael Gallope, and Jess Keiser, “Responses to Rita Felski’s Hooked: Art and Attachment.”

Timothy Brennan, “The Making of Edward Said’s Orientalism.

Jonathan Russell Clark, “Merve Emre’s Critical Vision.”

Merve Emre, “The Repressive Politics of Emotional Intelligence.”

Sophie Haigney, “How ‘Things’ in Fiction Shape the Way We Read.”

Ryan Weber, “FAQ about the New MLA Handbook, Ninth Edition.”


Literature and Culture

Claire Grossman, Stephanie Young, and Juliana Spahr, “Who Gets to Be a Writer?”

Arne De Boever, “The End of Art (Once Again).”

Ben Lerner, “Past Imperfect,” review of Jump the Clock, by Erica Hunt.

Charlie Tyson, “The Apocalyptic New Campus Novel.”

Aaron Bady, “The WandaVision Cul-De-Sac.”

Sam Leith, “Jeff VanderMeer: ‘Success Changes Who I Can Reach with an Environmental Message.'”

Kamran Javadizadeh, “‘The Roots of Our Madness'” (on John Berryman).

Joe Crescente, “Maria Kuznetsova’s Second Novel is Something Unbelievable.”

Laura Spence-Ash, “The Tradition of Storytelling in Something Unbelievable.”

And Space Jam (1996), website. . . .



Godspeed You! Black Emperor, G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END (2021).



Andrew Fleishman, “The Game of Critique,” review of Experimental Games: Critique, Play, and Design in the Age of Gamification, by Patrick Jagoda.

Bloodborne: The Board Game (2021).


Poetry and Fiction

Maria Kuznetsova, “Fifteen Writing (and Life) Lessons from Finishing Two Novels That Didn’t Sell.”

Lauren Russell receives 2021 Anna Rabinowitz Award for Descent (Tarpaulin Sky).

Joshua Zelesnick, “Five Poems.”

Samuel S. Cohen, “#SidelinePoetry.”

Kyle Winkler, “Clutter Fold” and “Writer’s Spotlight.”


Humanities and Higher Education

François Furstenberg, “The Era of Artificial Scarcity.”

Eric Hayot, “The Humanities Have a Marketing Problem.”

Terry McGlynn, “The Relief of Consistent Leadership.”

Beckie Supiano, “The Problem with Venting about Your Students.”

Eleanor J. Bader, “Colleges Are Using COVID as a Pretext to Make Draconian Cuts to the Humanities.”

Michael Vasquez, “‘That Man Makes Me Crazy.'”

And Matt Lodder, “Experience: I Tracked Down My Impostor.”



Laurel Elder and Steven Greene, “You’re Not Imagining It: Three Ways COVID-19 Has Been Extra Hard on American Parents.”

Tom Whyman, “Why, Despite Everything, You Should Have Kids (if You Want Them).”

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