Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 6: August 16–September 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Inae Oh, “Wisconsin Police Shot Jacob Blake in ‘Broad Daylight.'”

Peter Beaumont, “Kenosha: Teen Charged with Murder after Two Black Lives Matter Protesters Killed.”

Adam Serwer, “The New Reconstruction.”

Jasmyn Wimbish and Jack Maloney, “NBA Protest, Live Updates: Schedule Announced for Resumption of Playoffs on Saturday, Sunday.”

Shams Charania, “Sources: LeBron James Sought Out Barack Obama for Advice to Players.”

Melissa Gira Grant, “Far-Right Militias Are Learning Impunity From the Cops.”

Hallie Golden, Mike Baker, and Adam Goldman, “Suspect in Fatal Portland Shooting Is Killed by Officers During Arrest.”



Jesmyn Ward, “On Witness and Respair: A Personal Tragedy Followed by Pandemic.”

Ed Yong, “America Is Trapped in a Pandemic Spiral.”

Ben Smith, “How Zeynep Tufekci Keeps Getting the Big Things Right.”

Gregg Gonsalves, “So Far, 2020 Has Been Our Year of Magical Thinking.”

Jordan Alexander Stein, “The Summer We Didn’t Have.”

Jennie Lightweis-Goff, “The Two Karens of Coronavirus.”

Laurie Penny, “As an Anxious Internet Nerd, my Relationships Are Thriving during Lockdown.”

Glenn Greenwald, “The Social Fabric of the US Is Fraying, if Not Unraveling.”

Lara Takenaga and Jonathan Wolfe, “Coronavirus Briefing: What Lies Ahead.”

Juliette Kayyem, “The Emotionally Challenging Next Phase of the Pandemic.”

Paulina Firozi and Antonia Noori Farzan, “Professor’s Death after Collapsing in Virtual Class Is a ‘Sad Reminder That the Virus Is Real,’ Friend Says.”

And Jennie Egerdie, “Frog and Toad Tentatively Go Outside after Months in Self-Quarantine.”




Apoorva Mandavilli, “First Documented Coronavirus Reinfection Reported in Hong Kong.”

Jim Morrison, “What Super-Spreading Events Teach Us about Protecting Ourselves From COVID-19.”

Kashmira Gander, “Coronavirus Symptoms in Children May Include Sickness and Diarrhea Rather Than Cough, Study Finds.”

L. M. Sacasas, “A Theory of Zoom Fatigue.”

Dean B. Matthews, “A Cocktail of Antibodies for COVID-19 Therapy.”


Nuclear and Environmental

Brandon Specktor, “Earth Is Barreling Toward a ‘Hothouse’ State Not Seen in Fifty Million Years.”

Peter Fairley, “How a Plan to Save the Power System Disappeared.”

Greg Ruggiero, “Gaia versus the Anthropocene: A Conversation with Dorion Sagan.”

Abrahm Lustgarten, “How Climate Migration Will Reshape America.”

Laura Sullivan, “How Big Oil Misled the Public into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled.”

And Samantha Cole, “Apocalypse Porn Shows Why People Are Horny for the End of the World.”



Jamie Gangel, Jeremy Herb, and Elizabeth Stuart, “‘Play It Down’: Trump Admits to Concealing the True Threat of Coronavirus in New Woodward Book.”

Jamil Smith, “The No Lives Matter President.”

David Corn, “The Self-Destruction of Donald J. Trump.”

Jeffery Goldberg, “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers.'”

Mark Mazzetti, “GOP.-Led Senate Panel Details Ties between 2016 Trump Campaign and Russia.”

Christopher Grobe, “The Artist Is President: Performance Art and Other Keywords in the Age of Donald Trump.”

“Trump Orders Government ‘Critical Race Theory’ Training Stopped.”

Tessa Stuart, “AOC Dismisses Reports of Division: ‘November Is About Stopping Fascism in the United States.'”

Alan Feuer, William K. Rashbaum, and Maggie Haberman, “Steve Bannon Is Charged with Fraud in We Build the Wall Campaign.”

Alison Durkee, “Postal Service, under Attack by Trump, Investigated and Arrested Steve Bannon.”

Barbara McQuade, “Steve Bannon’s Indictment and Arrest Should Worry Trump and His Associates.”

And Devorah Blachor, “The Trump Aristocrats.”


Politics, Economics, and History

Cornel West, “The Choice Is between ‘Disaster’ and ‘Catastrophe.'”

Jill Lepore, “The Last Time Democracy Almost Died.”

Carmen Paun, “Twenty-Five Years Wiped Out in Twenty-Five Weeks: Pandemic Sets the World Back Decades.”

From 2014: Vicky Osterweil, “In Defense of Looting.”

Natalie Escobar, “One Author’s Controversial View: ‘In Defense Of Looting.'”

Paul Farrell, “David Graeber Dead: Anthropologist and Anti-Capitalist Thinker behind ‘We Are the 99%’ Slogan Dies at 59.”

David Graeber, “Army of Altruists.”

Anatoly Kurmanaev, Isayen Herrera, and Sheyla Urdaneta, “Venezuela Deploys Security Forces in Coronavirus Crackdown.”

Laura J. Nelson and Maya Lau, “‘Like Armageddon’: Rotting Food, Dead Animals, and Chaos at Postal Facilities amid Cutbacks.”

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, “Beyond the End of History.”

Frank Bruni, “With the Speech of His Life, Joe Biden Becomes the Man for This Moment.”



Shannon Stirone, Kenneth Chang, and Dennis Overbye, “Life on Venus? Astronomers See a Signal in Its Clouds.”



Daniel Kolitz, “Are We Already Living in a Tech Dystopia?”

Ian Bogost, “Your Phone Wasn’t Built for the Apocalypse.”

Mandorla: Nueva escritura de las Américas / New Writing from the Americas (archive).

“John Cage Musical Work Changes Chord for First Time in Seven Years.”

Zack Whittaker, “Fearing Coronavirus, a Michigan College Is Tracking Its Students with a Flawed App.”

“JSTOR resources during COVID-19.”

Rachel Nuwer, “Machine Learning Reveals Role of Culture in Shaping Meanings of Words.” (Really now?)

Stefania Zardini Lacedelli, “Sounds of My Quarantine.”

HathiTrust Digital Library.


Theory and Criticism

Ronald T. Judy, introduction to Sentient Flesh: Thinking in Disorder, Poiēsis in Black.

Bruce Robbins, “Museum of Difference: Fredric Jameson’s Ongoing, Collective Story,” review of Allegory and Ideology, by Fredric Jameson.

Kalyan Nadiminti, ed., “Extraordinary Renditions.”

ASAP/Journal, “Thinking With, Call for Papers.”

Mark Steven, “Capital Is Not Dead,” review of Capital Is Dead: Is This Something Worse?, by McKenzie Wark.

Webb Keane, “For the Slow Work of Critique in Critical Times.”

Jonas Engelmann, “Der Engel wird 100.” (On Paul Klee’s Angelus Novus turning 100.)

Andrew Way Leong, review of Intransitive Encounter: Sino-US Literatures and the Limits of Exchange, by Nan Z. Da.


The Seven Neoliberal Arts

Lee Konstantinou, ed., “The Seven Neoliberal Arts, or: Art in the Age of Mass High Culture” and “The Cartoonist as Entrepreneur: Rob Liefeld, Image Comics, and the Art of the Creator-Owner.”

Madeline Ullrich, “Quality Is Just Another Word.”

Sheri-Marie Harrison, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: An Ode to the Audiobook.”

Robin James, “Human Capital After All: Business Techno, Conceptronica, and the Neoliberal Rescripting of High/Low Hierarchies.”

Patrick Jagoda, “Playing through a Serious Crisis: On the Neoliberal Art of Video Games.”

Michelle Chihara, “Neoliberal Gaslighting, Quality Journalism, and Podcasting.”

Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado, “Enrique Olvera and the Sociopolitical Aesthetics of Neoliberal Culinary Art.”


Literature and Culture

Jen Yamato, Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman Dies of Cancer at 43.”

Adrian Matejka, “Variations on a Lead: For Chadwick Boseman.”

Jesse Green, “Walt Whitman, Poet of a Contradictory America.”

Peter Coviello, “The Novel and the Secret Police.”

Review of Vineland Revisited, by Peter Coviello.

Miranda Sawyer, “Margaret Atwood: ‘If You’re Going to Speak Truth to Power, Make Sure It’s the Truth.'”

Eve Glasberg, “The Future of Fiction Is Neither National nor Global.” An interview with Matthew Hart.

Brooks Sterritt, “Is This the First Great Quarantine Novel?”

Merve Emre, “The Injustices of Aging.”

Eric Kohn, “Charlie Kaufman’s Guide to I’m Thinking of Ending Things: The Director Explains Its Mysteries.”

Phillip Maciak, “LA Hallucinations: The Spiritualism of Better Things.”

Sari Altschuler and Paul Erickson, “Charles Averill’s The Cholera-Fiend: Fiction for a Pandemic.”

Andrew Liptak, “PBS’s Documentary About Ursula K. Le Guin is Free to Watch This Week.”

Daniel Nester, “Shadow Boxing Music,” review of Anne Waldman’s Sciamachy.

Reggie Nadelson, “The New York Cafe Where Writers Go to Work — and Eat Cake.”

Sarah Cascone, “A Remarkable New Study Suggests That Stonehenge Was Built to Amplify Sound during Ancient Ruling-Class Rituals.”


Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction

LibrarianShipwreck, “Plague Poems.”

Maria Kuznetsova, “The Unimaginable Hell of Postpartum Insomnia.”

Becca Schuh, “I Think about My Painting Goblin in The Sims a Lot.”

John Trefry, “Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan.”

Epigraph, no. 21.

Nicole Carpenter, “Two Decades after Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, I Finally Got on a Skateboard.”


Humanities and Higher Education

New York Times, “Tracking Covid at US Colleges and Universities.”

Katie Reilly, “As Colleges Open during a Pandemic, Student Life Remains Closed.”

Simon During, “What Were the Humanities Anyway.”

Christopher Schaberg, “Why I’m Teaching Online.”

“Jessica Krug: George Washington University Professor Says She Lied about Being Black.”

Beth McMurtrie, “Some Colleges Planned Early for an Online Fall. Here’s What They Learned.”

Johnathan Charles Flowers, “The University We’re Losing.”

Katherine Mangan, “The Student-Blaming Has Begun.”

Holden Thorp, “Colleges Lost the Moral Authority to Blame Students.”

Cynthia Greenlee, “Universities Are Playing Fast and Loose With Students’ Health.”

Lindsay Ellis, “Colleges Hoped for an In-Person Fall. Now the Dream Is Crumbling.”

Shawn Hubler and Anemona Hartocollis, “Stop Campus Partying to Slow the Virus? Colleges Try but Often Fail.”

Bret C. Devereaux, “The Corner That State Universities Have Backed Themselves Into.”

Vimal Patel, “It’s Spring Break in Ann Arbor.”

Sara Pequeño, “UNC-Chapel Hill Reports 31.3 Percent of Students Tested Have COVID—and There Are Probably More.”

John Ashbrook, “Students Will Not Bear the Greatest Cost of a Shutdown This Semester.”

Emma Pettit, “Will Covid-19 Revive Faculty Power?” and Sarah Brown and Pettit, “The Waiting Game.”

Elin Johnson, “Life in the Quarantine Dorms.”

Jasmine Baker, “I’m a College Freshman Who Moved Into Campus. Now I Have COVID-19.”

Devin Powers, “A Professor’s First Days Back at Temple: ‘This Pandemic Experiment Won’t Work.'”

Alex Hider, “Fauci Makes First Media Appearance since Surgery, Warns Colleges about Sending Students Home.”

Melissa Korn, “Colleges Send Students Home as Outbreaks Worsen. Are They Creating a New Coronavirus Threat?”

Anne Helen Petersen, “Between . . . and a Hard Place.”

And Leah Roth, “Rydell High’s Reopening Plan.”



Carrie Bauer, Matthew Dicks, Brandon Hersey, and Amy Scott, “There’s No Way I Can Force My Child to Sit Through All of These Zoom Classes.”

Jessica Grose, “The Pandemic Is a ‘Mental Health Crisis’ for Parents.”

Caroline Bologna, “Mom’s Hilarious Video Sums Up How Confusing This School Year Is for Everyone.”

Alex Baia, “Nihilist Dad Jokes, Part 3.”

And Sarah Allison, “Jane Austen Was Not Fucking Around about Home School.”



Paul Guggenheimer, “Tales from ‘The Cage’: Bartenders Chronicle the Squirrel Hill Café, Pittsburgh’s Classic Watering Hole.”


Oneonta and New York

Absentee Voting in New York.

Otsego County Department of Health.

Greg Klein, “With Oneonta Public Transportation Runs Cut, Students Hire Night Bus” and “Oneonta Sees SUNY System’s Worst Outbreak.”

Amanda Rosa, “Party Selfies and Hazmat Suits: How NY’s Worst Campus Outbreak Unfolded.”

The Daily Star, “Slew of New COVID Cases Reported.”

City of Oneonta, “8/31/2020 – COVID Control Room.”

SUNY Oneonta COVID-19 Dashboard.

Amanda Rosa, “A Few Students Threw Parties. Now an Entire SUNY Campus Is Shut Down.”

Rachel Silberstein and Edward McKinley, “Trial and Error on Campuses Offer Clues to COVID-19 Prevention.”

Gary Herzig, “Outbreak Shows Success against COVID Can Be Precarious.”

Jon Campbell and Joseph Spector, “Here’s What It Would Take for COVID-19 to Shut Down New York Colleges and Universities.”

Joe Mahoney, “Pandemic Takes Toll on NY’s Private Colleges.”

And Andy Pease, “Summer 2020 Recap” (from Wind Band Literature).

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