Spring 2020 Links (Pre-COVID-19)

A lot of stuff was going on for me this year, both personally and professionally, so I haven’t really had a chance to post links since . . . last summer (!), nine months before the global pandemic was declared. So, to catch up: here’s links from late summer 2019–March 11, 2020 that are, by the very nature of posting them now, rather outdated/anachronistic, a window onto a world that is gone yet still all too present (and excessive), a world that most certainly wasn’t going in the direction of human flourishing and that any nostalgia for may be misplaced. . . . I hope to have “Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 1” up sometime soon(er than nine months from now . . .).

Donald G. McNeil Jr., “Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say” (February 20, 2020).


Nuclear and Environmental

Mary Hudetz, “US Official: Research Finds Uranium in Navajo Women, Babies.”

David E. Sanger and Andrew E. Kramer, “US Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed Seven Russians.”

Kristin George Bagdanov, “Addressing the Atomic Specter: Ginsberg’S ‘Plutonian Ode’ and America’s Nuclear Unconscious.”

Alyssa Battistoni, “Why Naomi Klein Has Been Right.”

Henry Fountain, “Climate Change Is Accelerating, Bringing World ‘Dangerously Close’ to Irreversible Change.”

Matthew Taylor and Jonathan Watt, “Revealed: The Twenty Firms behind a Third of All Carbon Emissions.”

Christopher Flavelle, “Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns.”

Denise Lu and Christopher Flavelle, “Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows.”

Justin Worland, “The Reason Fossil Fuel Companies Are Finally Reckoning with Climate Change.”

Patrick Greenfield and Jonathan Watts, “JP Morgan Economists Warn Climate Crisis Is Threat to Human Race.”

“Amazon Burning: Bolsonaro Prepares to Send Army as Outrage Grows.”

Chris Newman, “Small Family Farms Aren’t the Answer.”

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, “Nearly Three Billion Birds Gone since 1970.”

Ari M. Brostoff, “Meditations in an Emergency.”

George Monbiot, “The Big Polluters’ Masterstroke Was to Blame the Climate Crisis on You and Me.”

Alan Taylor, “Venice Underwater: The Highest Tide in Fifty Years.”

Alyssa Hull, “Hopepunk and Solarpunk: On Climate Narratives That Go Beyond the Apocalypse.”

“How to Respond to Climate Change, If You Are an Algorithm.”

And Daniel Swain: lightning at the North Pole.



Matthew Desmond, “In Order to Understand the Brutality of American Capitalism, You Have to Start on the Plantation.”


Politics and Economics

Gus Wezerek and Kristen R. Ghodsee, “Women’s Unpaid Labor is Worth $10,900,000,000,000.”

Helen Lewis, “Fighting the Tyranny of ‘Niceness’: Why We Need Difficult Women.”

Ryan Grim, “A New Electorate: Can the Bernie Sanders Campaign Alter the Course of the Democratic Party.”

Reid J. Epstein, Sydney Ember, Trip Gabriel and Mike Baker, “How the Iowa Caucuses Became an Epic Fiasco for Democrats.”

Russell Berman, “The Night Socialism Went Mainstream.”

Patrick Blanchfield, “Where’s the Savior? Bloomberg and Trump: Alike in Dignity and almost Everything Else.”

Usha Iyer, “A Time for Radical Hope.”

Ben Ehrenreich, “Welcome to the Global Rebellion against Neoliberalism.”

Simon Reid-Henry, discussion of The Empire of Democracy.

The Editorial Staff of the New York Times, “The Billionaires Are Getting Nervous.”

Joshua Clover, “Image of the Year.”

Julia DeCook, “How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go? The ‘Wonderland’ of r/TheRedPill and Its Ties to White Supremacy.”

Nikil Pal Singh, “The Pervasive Power of the Settler Mindset.”

Jonathan Franklin, “Hundreds Shot and Beaten as Chile Takes to the Streets.”

Nick Estes, “Is Bolivia Turning into a Rightwing Military Dictatorship?”

Tim Golden and Sebastian Rotella, “The Saudi Connection: Inside the 9/11 Case That Divided the FBI.”

Cora Currier, “Pushing Out the Border: How the US Is Waging a Global War on Migration.”

Adam Kotsko, “The Political Theology of Neoliberalism” and “The Evangelical Mind.”

Kayla Wazana Tompkins, “Are you okay Tobe White?”

Katrina Forrester, “What Counts as Work?”

Mathias Nilges, introduction to Right-Wing Culture in Contemporary Capitalism.

Nellie Bowles, “The Pied Pipers of the Dirtbag Left Want to Lead Everyone to Bernie Sanders.”

Sean Illing and Jason Stanley, “How Fascism Works.”

Open Future, “Bullshit Jobs and the Yoke of Managerial Feudalism.”

Sanam Yar and Jonah Engel Bromwich, “Tales From the Teenage Cancel Culture.”

Eliza Mackinstosh, “Finland Is Winning the War on Fake News. What It’s Learned May Be Crucial to Western Democracy.”

Sarah Larson, Best of Luck with the Wall Puts the Borderlands Back in Context.”

Corey Robin, “Clarence Thomas’s Radical Vision of Race” and “The Obamanauts.”

Stephen Kearse, “Lauren Michele Jackson Wants to Change How We Talk about Appropriation.”

Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff, “A Soccer Game Becomes an Anti-Fascist Demonstration in Portland.”

Jennifer Scuro, “The Loss of Meaningful Work.”

Micah White, “I Co-Founded Occupy Wall Street. Now I’m Headed to Davos. Why?”

Niraj Warikoo, “ICE Arrests Ninety More Students at Fake University in Michigan.”

Robyn Koslowitz, “The Burnout We Can’t Talk About: Parent Burnout.”

“Lyman T. Sargent Interview.”

And Existential Comics, “Karl Marx Job Interview.”



David Corn, “Trump Unleashed: The Trump Presidency Enters Its Most Dangerous Phase.”

Susan B. Glasser, “‘He’s No Mr. Nice Guy’: Impeachment Comes for Donald Trump.”

Mark Greif, “On the Mueller Report, Vol. 1.”

Bob Bauer, “Trump Is the Founder’s Worst Nightmare.”

Graeme Wood, “Trump’s El Paso Photo Is Obscene.”

Michael Gerhardt, “The Impeachment Inquiry Is Fully Legitimate.”

Peter Baker, Ronen Bergman, David D. Kirkpatrick, Julian E. Barnes and Alissa J. Rubin, “Seven Days in January: How Trump Pushed US and Iran to the Brink of War.”


Science and Technology

George Dvorsky, “Humans Will Never Contact Mars.”

George Monbiot, “Lab-Grown Food Will Soon Destroy Farming and Save the Planet.”

Sean Carroll, “Even Physicists Don’t Understand Quantum Mechanics.”

Iain Thomson, “Neuroscientist Used Brainhack. It’s Super Effective! Oh, and Disturbingly Easy.”

David Nield, “Engineers Just Unveiled a New Blackest-Ever Material, Even Darker Than Vantablack.”

Alison P. Galvani, “Improving the Prognosis of Health Care in the USA.”

News10 ABC Web Staff, “Rapid Lyme Disease Test Could Be Available by Late 2020.”

David Kravets, “Inmates Built Computers Hidden in Ceiling, Connected Them to Prison Network.”

And the aquatic ape hypothesis.



The Raymond Williams Society, “The Raymond Williams Recordings.”

Makeda Easter, “Border Patrol Threw Away Migrants’ Belongings. A Janitor Saved and Photographed Them.”

Gideon Lewis-Kraus, “Does Who You Are at Seven Determine Who You Are at Sixty-Three?” (On the Seven Up! series.)

Lisa Nakamura, “The Internet Is a Trash Fire: Here’s How to Fix It.”

David Golumbia, “Blockchain: The White Man’s Burden.”

Nick Ripatrazone, “InterLibrary Loan Will Change Your Life.”

Eric Klinenberg, “Libraries Are Even More Important to Contemporary Community Than We Thought.”

Nicole Starosielski, “The Elements of Media Studies.”

Merve Emre, “Public Thinker: Leah Price on Books, Book Tech, and Book Tatoos.”

Kevin Lozano, “Box of Wonders: Jenny Odell and the Quest to Log Off.”

Sarah Laskow, “Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, with Horrifying Book Curses.”

Dan Sheehan, “In 2019, More Americans Went to the Library than to the Movies. Yes, Really.”

John Detrixhe and Jeremy B. Merrill, “The Fight against Financial Advertisers Using Facebook for Digital Redlining.”

Gregory Barber, “Google Is Slurping Up Health Data—and It Looks Totally Legal.”

Martin Pengelly, “Republican Mega-Donor Buys Stake in Twitter and Seeks to Oust Jack Dorsey.”

Lisa Gitelman, Emoji Dick and the Eponymous Whale, An Essay in Four Parts.”

“Statement by T. S. Eliot on the Opening of the Emily Hale Letters at Princeton.”

Gary Larson, The Far Side.

Public Domain Day 2020.

Ian Bogost, “Every Place Is the Same Now.”

George Eliot, “Quarry for Middlemarch : Manuscript, Undated. MS Lowell 13″ and Middlemarch in the JSTOR Understanding Series.

Jeremy Bentham on Display (Differently).

And @schweben_weben, “The map in question. . . .”


Theory and Criticism

Samantha Rose Hill, “Walter Benjamin’s Last Work.”

Masha Gessen, “Judith Butler Wants Us to Reshape Our Rage.”

Kay Gabriel, “The Limits of the Bit,” review of Females, by Andrea Long Chu.

James Wood, “What Is at Stake When We Write Literary Criticism?”

James Penner, “Blowing the Philosopher’s Fuses: Michel Foucault’s LSD Trip in the Valley of Death.”

Andrew Marzoni, “Foucault in the Valley of Death.”

Simeon Wade and Heather Dundas, “Michel Foucault in Death Valley: A Boom interview with Simeon Wade.”

Douglas Dowland, “Flirting with Foucault.”

Sindre Bangstad and Torbjørn Tumyr Nilsen, “Thoughts on the Planetary: An Interview with Achille Mbembe.”

Alexis Soloski, Fragments Review: Guest Lectures from a Famed Professor.”

Agnes Callard, “Who Wants to Play the Status Game?”

Mike Watson, “Millennial Adorno.”

Lambert Zuidervaart, “Theodor W. Adorno: Exposing Capitalism’s Blind Domination.”

Bécquer Seguín, “Why Write for the Public.”

Jess Shollenberger, “The Scholar’s Blush: Shame as Method in Lyric Shame.”

Jonathan Basile, “How the Other Half-Lives: Life as Identity and Difference in Bennett and Schrödinger.”

Chris Findeisen, “Unmaking World Literature,” review of UNESCO and the Fate of the Literary, by Sarah Brouillette.

James Shapiro, “Occupying Shakespeare,” review of Shakespeare and the 99%: Literary Studies, the Profession, and the Production of Inequity, by Sharon O’Dair.

Bruce Robbins, “Ways of Being: John Berger’s Life between Aesthetics and Politics.”

Dinitia Smith, “Harold Bloom, Critic Who Championed Western Canon, Dies at 89.”

David Herman, “George Steiner and the Death of the Great Cultural Critic.”

Justin Sider, “Dipping Our Knives into Harold Bloom’s Body.”

Antonio Weiss, “Harold Bloom, The Art of Criticism No. 1.”

Lee Konstantinou, “The Noise of Our Names: On Character: Three Inquiries in Literary Studies.”

Jan Mieszkowski, “Here Come the Prose Police.”

Brian Glavey, “Beside Reparative Reading,” review of Queer Experimental Literature: The Affective Politics of Bad Reading, by Tyler Bradway.

McClintock S. , Whitmarsh P. , Pitozzi A. , Alberts C. , Macura S. , Thornton Z. , Rohland M. & Maragos G., “Book Reviews” at Orbit.

John Kannenberg, Giants of Thought™.

Giants of Thought™


Literature and Culture

Margalit Fox, “Toni Morrison, Towering Novelist of the Black Experience, Dies at 88.”

Nadifa Mohamed, “Toni Morrison on Reality TV, Black Lives Matter, and Meeting Jeff Bezos.”

Fran Lebowitz, Danez Smith, and Pam Houston, “Remembering Toni.”

Dwight Garner, “Toni Morrison, a Writer of Many Gifts Who Bent Language to Her Will.”

Ed Simon, “Why We Need Walt Whitman in 2020” and “The Bard of Capitalist Realism: On Sean Bonney’s Prophetic Wrath.”

Racheal Fest, “‘ASMR’ Media and the Attention Economy’s Crisis of Care.”

Eleanor Countermanche, “Internet Dystopias after Trump.”

Greg Barnhisel, “Undercover Lovers, or How The CIA Became Style.”

Nigel Warburton, “Against Popular Culture.”

Alex Pappademas, “The Decade Comic Book Nerds Became Our Cultural Overlords.”

Olivia B. Waxman, “The First Native American US Poet Laureate on How Poetry Can Counter Hate,” an interview with Joy Harjo.

Alex Marshall and Alexandra Alter, “Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke Awarded Nobel Prizes in Literature.”

PEN America, “Statement: Deep Regret over the Choice of Peter Handke for the 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature.”

Sian Cain, “‘A Troubling Choice’: Authors Criticize Peter Handke’s Controversial Nobel Win.”

Jennifer Szalai, The Undying: An Extraordinary and Furious New Memoir About Cancer.”

Giles Harvey, “To Decode White Male Rage, First He Had to Write in His Mother’s Voice.”

Ramsey McGlazer, “Confessions of a Cake Boy.”

Mike Miley, “‘This Muddy Bothness’: The Absorbed Adaptation of David Lynch by David Foster Wallace.”

Peter Wollen, “The Two Avant-Gardes” (1975).

Nola Pfau, “The Performative Horniness of Dawn of X.”

Dani Kinney, “New Intersections: Queer Futurism and the Krakoan Body Politic.”

Toni Lorenz, “‘OK Boomer’ Marks the End of Friendly Generational Relations.”

Chris Yogerst, “Why We Shouldn’t Fear Joker.”

Karthick Manoharan, “‘We Are All Clowns’: A Defense of Joker.”

Hyped on Melancholy.

Michael Rietmulder, “Reunited Riot Grrrl Heroes Bikini Kill Returning to Olympia for Benefit Show.”

Jeffrey Moro, “Dance Apocalyptic: Tim Maughan’s Infinite Detail and Media After the Internet.”

Kristina Quynn, “The Disgusting New Campus Novel.”

Jeffrey J. Williams, “Unlucky Jim: The Rise of the Adjunct Novel.”

Charles Peters, “The Surfs of Academe.”

A. O. Scott, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Review: Revolution No. 9.”

Alissa Wilkinson, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Is What Happens When a Franchise Gives Up.”

David Mason, “The Durable Art of Elizabeth Bishop,” review of The Love Unknown: The Life and World of Elizabeth Bishop, by Thomas Travisano.

Library of America, Love Unknown: Thomas Travisano on the Life and Worlds of Elizabeth Bishop.”

Thomas Travisano, “First Love.”

John McWhorter, “English Is Not Normal.”

Robert Cashin Ryan, “The Breaks of History” and “The Earth Died Screaming.”

Isobel Palmer, “Paper, Scissors, Stone.”

George Hunka, “William Gaddis in the Age of Trump.”

Kyle Paoletta, “For All Fankind.”

Philip Hoare, “Subversive, Queer and Terrifyingly Relevant: Six Reasons Why Moby-Dick Is the Novel for Our Times.”

Emily Temple, “The Twenty Best Campus Novels.”

Timothy Yu, “The Case of the ‘Disappearing’ Poet.”

Jeanne Marie Laskas, “The Mr. Rogers No One Saw.”

Walt Hunter, “Contemporary Poetry and Capitalism.”

Susan Jones, “Filling in the Gaps in History through Art and Text,” on Lauren Russell’s Descent.

Karen Kevorkian, review of Fossils in the Making, Kristin George Bagdanov.

Dina Strasser, “Mouthful of Flesh,” review of Fossils in the Making, by Kristin George Bagdanov.

Philip Sorenson, review of The Blood Barn, by Carrie Lorig.

Daniel Torday, “Let’s Get Rid of Generations, OK Boomer?”

Paul Gallagher, “Something Wicked This Way Comes: Norman Rockwell Meets H. P. Lovecraft in the Art of Peter Ferguson.”

Amy Strauss Friedman, “Shame Will Not Have the Last Word,” review of The Desperate Measure of Undoing, by Jessica Fischoff.

Mary K. Holland, “Contemporary Literature.”

And Invincible Summer, “David Brooks, A.I” and Earliest Tactile Adventures.


Videogames and Games

Disco Elysium.

Charlie Warzel, “Everything Is Gamergate: How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War.”

Ian Bogost,“Video-Game Violence Is Now a Partisan Issue” and “Video Games Are Better without Gameplay.”

Patrick Jagoda and Ashlyn Sparrow, “Critical Video Game Studies.”

Benjamin Recchie, “The Game Changers.”

Ronny Ford, “Gendered Spaces and Cultures in Video Games.”

Luke Plunkett, “Almost Nobody Played a Bad Guy in Mass Effect.”

The Curse of Issyos (2015).

The Quiet Year.


Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction

Anne Boyer, “‘My Body Feels Like It Is Dying from the Drugs That Are Meant to Save Me’: Life as a Cancer Patient.”

Andrew Epstein, “Rare Footage of Frank O’Hara, Allen Ginsberg, and Amiri Baraka Reading in 1959.”

Lorelei Lee, “Cash/Consent.”

Amanda Earl, “Guilty as Fuck: A Catalogue of Sins in the Twenty-First Century.”

Susanna Kaysen, “Bright Leaf.”

Dan Sinykin, “White Voice.”

CJ Hauser, “The Crane Wife” and “‘This Is Small Talk Purgatory’: What Tinder Taught Me about Love.”

Aubrey Hirsch, “The Weather.”

Christopher Schaberg, “Strange Flights.”

Robert Bensen on Out of Bounds.

Robert Yune, Impossible Children and “Interview: Robert Yune.”

The Strange Recital.

Theresa J. Beckhusen, “We Are Not Cat Island.”

Roger Hecht, Witness Report.

Daša Drndić, “Artur and Isabella.”

Ian Maxton, “Tunnel(s).”

And “#AWP20 Updates Concerning the Coronavirus.”



John Teti, “Antonio Brown Exposes the ‘Asshole Glitch’ in Our Otherwise Perfect Information Society” at Block and Tackle.


Humanities and Higher Education

Endgame: Can Literary Studies Survive?

Troy Vettese, “Sexism in the Academy.”

David Deming, “In the Salary Race, Engineers Spring but English Majors Endure.”

Sheila Liming, “My University Is Dying.”

Max Larson, “All Scholarship Is Quit Lit.”

Charlie Tyson, “Apocalypse Chic” and “The Rise of Reassurance Lit.”

Michael Clune, “The Humanties’ Fear of Judgment.”

Robert Cashin Ryan, “Academy Fight Song: My University in Ruins.”

Lisi Schoenbach, “Enough with the Crisis Talk!”

Robert Zemsky, Susan Shaman, and Susan Campbell Baldridge, “Will Your College Close?”

Maximillian Alvarez and Len Gutkin, “Hanging Out—and Hanging On—at the MLA.”

Jeffrey J. Williams, “The New Humanities.”

Nick Mitchell, “Summertime Selves (On Professionalization).”

Leigh Clare La Berge, “From Low Wage to No Wage.”

Colleen Flaherty, “UC Santa Cruz Strikers to Lose TA Jobs” and “Even ‘Valid’ Student Evaluations Are ‘Unfair.'”

“PhD Stipend Survey Results.”

Kevin Carey, “The Bleak Job Landscape of Adjunctopia for PhDs.”

Willard Dix, “Eliminating the Humanities Decimates Every Student’s Education.”

William Davies, “How the Humanities Became the New Enemy Within.”

J. D. Schnepf, “Jobs in C20- and C21-US Lit have dropped from 63 in 2011 to 5 today. Field collapse in under a decade.”

Erica L. Green and Stacy Cowley, “Broken Promises and Debt Pile Up as Loan Forgiveness Goes Astray.”

Vimal Patel, “Look Who’s Talking about Canceling Debt.”

John Warner, “Equal Pay for Equal Work: Calculating ‘Fair Pay’ for Teaching.”

Nell Gluckman, “How the Wealthy and Well Connected Have Learned to Game the Admissions Process.”

Warren Hoffman, “Can You Have a Rewarding Intellectual Life Outside Academe?”

Douglas Dowland, “The Problem of Self-Care in Higher Education.”

Virginia Heffernan, “How We Learned to Love the Pedagogical Vapor of STEM.”

The Looming Enrollment Crisis.

Steve Salaita, “Off-the-Record Advice for Graduate Students.”

Jonathan Wolff, “Why Do Academics Dress so Badly? (Answer: They Are Too Happy).”

Dan Kubis, “How the Humanities Sound.”

Hilal A. Lashuel, “The Busy Lives of Academics Have Hidden Costs—and Universities Must Take Better Care of Their Faculty Members.”

Mary Zaborskis, “What Kind of Academic Jobs Wiki Updater Are You?”

And Rebecca Christopher, “I Cannot Recommend My Former Coworker Bartleby for Your Scrivening Position.”



Mark Oppenheimer, “In Pittsburgh, a Bookstore Where ‘Freewheeling Curiosity’ Reigns.”

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4, “10th Street to Remain Closed for about Eight Weeks Due to Large Sinkhole in Downtown Pittsburgh.”

Amanda Waltz, “Pittsburgh Center for Arts and Media Staff out in Mass Firing and Termination of Film Programs.”



Leslie Ann, “Oneonta Ranked #8 Nationally as Vibrant Arts Community.”

Danny Coleman, Waiting for Dodo: Conversations with My Baby about His Refusal to Sleep Comprised Entirely of Quotes from Waiting for Godot.”

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