End of the Semester Links, Fall 2014

I have been understandably busy with the end of a fun and challenging semester. So there are quite a few links that have built up.


Nuclear and Environment

William J. Broad and David E. Sanger, “US Ramping Up Major Renewal in Nuclear Arms.”

Robert Burns, “Air Force: Hagel Departure Won’t Slow Nuke Reforms.”

Mark Memmot, “Nun Who Broke Into Nuclear Complex Gets 35-Month Jail Term.”

Barbara Starr, “Navy Investigation Under Way after Female Officers Filmed.”

Eric Holthaus, “Seventy–Seven Zero–Inches of Snow for Buffalo as Winter Overpowers America.”


Michael Kimmelman, “The Berlin Wall: A Microcosm of the World’s Chaotic Change.”

Arif Dirlik responds to Susan Buck-Morss’s “Democracy: An Unfinished Project” in “Twin Offspring of Empire, Neoliberalism and Neotraditionalism: Thoughts on Susan Buck-Morss, ‘Democracy: An Unfinished Project'” (excerpts).


US, Ferguson, Race

Eyder Peralta and Bill Chappell, “Ferguson Jury: No Charges for Officer in Michael Brown’s Death.”

Carly Schwartz and Christopher Mathias, “Protesters Shut Down Three New York City Bridges in Reaction to Ferguson Decision.”

John Cassidy, “Ferguson: An American Dilemma” and “New York’s Verdict: We Can’t Breathe.”

Cornel West, “The State of Black America in the Age of Obama Has Been One of Desperation, Confusion, and Capitulation.”

Susan Kruth, “Chris Rock Explains Why He Doesn’t Want to Perform on College Campuses.”

Frank Rich, “In Conversation with Chris Rock.”

The Editorial Board of The New York Times, “A Search for Justice in the Eric Garner Case.”

Nicholas St. Fleur, “They Shouted ‘I Can’t Breathe.'”



Ewen MacAskill, “Edward Snowden Wins Swedish Human Rights Award for NSA Revelations.”

David A. Banks on Anonymous, “Naming Nameless.”

David J. Gunkel and Billy Cripe, “Apocalypse Not, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Machine.”

Verso Books and Triple Canopy’s Encryption Workshop.

Timothy B. Lee, “American Broadband Is Better Than You Think.”


Literature and Culture

Rachel Arons, “‘We Will Need Writers Who Can Remember Freedom’: Ursula K. Le Guin and Last Night’s NBAs.”

Michael Erard, “The New Work of Words.”

An interview with Hillary Chute and Patrick Jagoda on their recent co-edited issue of Critical Inquiry on comics and media.

Ewan Morrison, “YA Dystopias Teach Children to Submit to the Free Market, Not Fight Authority.”

David Denby reviews Rosewater and Happy Valley, “No Laughing Matter.”

Nathan Altice, “The Lenses of Failure,” on Dark Souls II and Jesper Juul’s The Art of Failure: An Essay on the Pain of Playing Videogames (2013).

Richard Hill, “‘Internet Freedom’: Digital Empire?” a review of Dan Schiller, Digital Depression: Information Technology and Economic Crisis (2014).

David Haglund, “Jonathan Franzen’s Next Novel Is Called Purity.” Uh oh.

Sarah Gray, “Toni Morrison Completely Schools Stephen Colbert on the Topic of Racism.”

Aaron Bady, “‘As an American Writer’ (Toni Morrison on Colbert).”

Andrea Battleground, “New Novel from Toni Morrison Coming in April.”

Rob Horning, “Selfies without the Self.”

Luke Karmali, “Gorgeous Non-Combat MMO Wander Coming to PS4 and PC.”

Philip Maciak, “Is Beyoncé the Future of Digital Cinema?”

Isha Aran, “Video Game Reviewer Is Contacting the Mothers of Her Online Harassers.”

Tom Boggioni, “Game Reviewer Strikes Back at Male Stalkers with a Brilliant New Ploy: Telling Their Moms.”

And Gabino Iglesias reviews my friend David James Keaton’s new novel, The Last Projector (2014).


boundary 2 Conference on “Poetry and Poetics”

Jonathan Arac, “Emily Dickinson and the Liberal Imagination.”

Paul A. Bové, “Wallace Stevens and the Confidence of the Imagination.”

Colin Dayan, “The Dog of the Poem: On William Carlos Williams’s Paterson.”

Donald E. Pease, “Whitman’s Leaves and Embers.”


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