Daylight Savings Time Links

The extra hour today means I have time to post some links. There are many, as it’s been a while.


Nuclear and Environment

“Lockheed Announces Breakthrough on Nuclear Fusion Energy.”

Matthew L. Wald, “Calls to Use Yucca Mountain as a Nuclear Waste Site, Now Deemed Safe.”

Rizwan Asghar, “Illicit Nuclear Trafficking.”

“Emergency Agencies Practice Response to Nuclear Explosion in Times Square.” (Didn’t DeLillo have something to say about this kind of thing . . . ?)

Jonathan Tirone, “U.S. Said to Join Russia in Blocking Nuclear Safety Moves.”

“Notice to Congress: Continuation of the National Emergency on Russian Fissile Material.”

Darren Boyle, “Inside China’s Top Secret Nuclear Bunker: Cold War Relic Built into a Mountain to Fend off Soviet Attack Is Now a Tourist Attraction.” (Thanks to Terrence Ross for a lot of the above links.)

“Asgard’s Fire,” on thorium reactors.

Ari Phillips, “New Study Details Alarming Acceleration in Sea Rise.”


Lee Gomes, “Machine-Learning Maestro Michael Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts.”



Matthew Yglesias, “It’s Time to Push the Panic Button on the Global Economy.”

Matt O’Brien, “Markets Are Panicking Again. What’s Going On?”

Jen Carlson, “You Can Buy This Abandoned CT Town for Less Than a Brooklyn Apartment.”



Stuart Wells, “Priscilla Wald on Media Treatment of Ebola.”

Glenn Greenwald, “Canada, at War for 13 Years, Shocked that ‘a Terrorist’ Attacked Its Soldiers.”


Literature and Culture

Adam Kelly, “Dialectic of Sincerity: Lionel Trilling and David Foster Wallace.”

Nikil Saval, “Bartlebys All!”

Damien Walter, “Transrealism: The First Major Literary Movement of the 21st Century?”

Lauren Davis, “After Humanity Has Been Destroyed, Robots Keep Fighting Our Final War.”

Mike Bulajewski, “The Man Who Loves His Laptop,” a review of Her (dir. Spike Jonze, 2013).

Aaron Bady, “‘African Writers in a New World’: An Introduction.”

Ronjuanee Chatterjee, “Ghostbusters,” on the relationship between deconstruction and feminism.Ja

Jeffrey Matulef, “Civilian Massacring Game Hatred Courts Controversy, Gets It.”

Adam Kotsko, “Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism: A Defense of Žižek.”

Steph Ceraso, “(Re)Educating the Senses: Multimodal Listening, Bodily Learning, and the Composition of Sonic Experiences.”

Max Landis’s unreadable script for Super Mario World.

Megan Garber, “The Author of White Noise Review Taylor Swift’s White Noise.”

James Thomas, “How to Write a Sentence.”

A review of my friend David James Keaton’s first novel, The Last Projector (2014).

My friend Alexander Provan‘s Triple Canopy gets a nice nod: Jonathan Sturgeon, “5 Small Publishers Who Are Changing the Face of the Industry.”

And Kevin Draper, “Video Finally Surfaces of Willis Reed Fighting the Entire Lakers Team.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Ian Sample, “Harvard University Says It Can’t Afford Joural Publishers’ Prices.”

“George Mason Grad Students Release Adjunct Study.”

Diane Ravitch, “Parent Alert! NSF Awards Grant for Data Mining Children.”

Alex Clements, “Indicting Higher Education in the Arts and Beyond.”

BFAMFAPHD, “Artists Report Back: A National Study of Arts Graduates and Working Artists.”

Christopher Panza and Richard Schur, “To Save the Humanities, Change the Narrative.”

And Rebecca Koenig, “Why One Professor Thinks Academics Should Write “BuzzFeed-Style Scholarship.” We’re doomed.

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