Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 10: December 16, 2020–January 15, 2021

Think Pieces on . . . Everything

Timothy Snyder, “The American Abyss.”

Jelani Cobb, “Georgia, Trump’s Insurrectionists, and Lost Causes.”

Mike Davis, “Riot on the Hill” and “Hopes for 2021?”

Blair McClendon, “Lost Lost Causes.”

Adam Kotsko, “An Apocalypse about Nothing.”

Yoni Appelbaum, “How America Ends.”

Gabriel R, “Trump the Despot.”

Franklin Foer, “The Triumph of Kleptocracy.”

William Callison and Quinn Slobodian, “Coronapolitics from the Reichstag to the Capitol.”

Masha Gessen, “The Trial of Donald Trump Must Tell the Full Story of the Capitol Insurrection.”

Leah Donnella, “How The Storming of the Capitol Was — And Wasn’t — About Police.”

Eric Fretwell, “From Lynchings to the Capitol: Racism and the Violence of Revelry.”

Police officers stand guard as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021. REUTERS/Leah Millis


Politics and Economics

Nicholas Fandos, “Trump Impeached for Inciting Insurrection.”

“Mob Attack, Incited by Trump, Delays Election Certification.”

Peter Baker, “A Mob and the Breach of Democracy: The Violent End of the Trump Era.”

The Editorial Board of the New York Times, “Trump Is to Blame for Capitol Attack.”

Twitter, Inc., “Permanent Suspension of @realDonaldTrump.”

Olivia Nuzzi, “Senior Trump Official: We Were Wrong, He’s a ‘Fascist’” and “The Full(est Possible) Story of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Press Conference.”

Pilar Melendez and Blake Montgomery, “Local MAGA Mobs Take Cue from DC, Try to Storm State Capitols.”

Zeynep Tufekci, “This Isn’t Just Political Theater” and “Most House Republicans Did What the Rioters Wanted.”

Ben Sixsmith, “The Carnival in the Capitol.”

Jack Holmes, “If There Are No Consequences, This Is the Beginning of the End for the American Republic.”

Andrew McCormick, “Madness on Capitol Hill.”

Brendan O’Connor, “A Preview of What’s to Come.”

Luke Savage, “Republican Elites Are Responsible for Today’s Storming of the Capitol.”

Kyle Cheney, Sarah Ferris, and Laura Barrón-López, “‘Inside Job’: House Dems Ask If Capitol Rioters Had Hidden Help.”

Paul D. Shinkman, “Pentagon Purges Advisory Board, Replaces with Trump Loyalists.”

E. J. Montini, “Arizona Reps. Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar Implicated by Activist in Capitol Insurrection.”

Laura Strickler and Lisa Cavazuti, “Republican AGs Group Sent Robocalls Urging March to the Capitol.”

Rosalind Adams, “DC Lawmakers Were Briefed That Trump Might Go to Extremes.”

Shane Burley, “Deaths at the Capitol, a Pro-Trump, Far-Right Mob — and Months of Red Flags.”

Jason Wilson, “More Violence Planned as Extreme Rightwing Groups Draw Trump Backers.”

Simon Romero, Kathleen Gray, and Danielle Ivory, “States Brace for Armed Protests in Wake of US Capitol Attack.”

Matt Fuller, “House Democrats Briefed on Three Terrifying Plots to Overthrow Government.”

Alexander Sammon, “The New Progressive Left Shows How to Deal with Sedition.”

Bret Stephens, “Impeach and Convict. Right Now.”

Anne Applebaum, “What Trump and His Mob Taught the World about America.”

Matt Wuerker, Michael deAdder, and Steve Brodner, “Training Day.”

Jenny Gross and Luke Broadwater, “Here Are the Republicans Who Objected to Certifying the Election Results.”

Giovanni Russonello, “An Ugly Day in America.”

Emmanuel Felton, “Black Police Officers Describe the Racist Attacks They Faced as They Protected the Capitol.”

Graeme Wood, “The Sun Is Up. Impeach and Convict.”

Noah Berlatsky, “This Is the Quickest Way to Impeach Trump (Again) and Remove Him from Power.”

Michael S. Schmidt and Maggie Haberman, “Trump Is Said to Have Discussed Pardoning Himself.”

Gabby Orr, Daniel Lippman, Tina Nguyen, and Sam Stein, “Trump Went ‘Ballistic’ after Being Tossed Off Twitter.”

Amy Gardner, “‘I Just Want to Find 11,780 Votes’: In Extraordinary Hour-Long Call, Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary of State to Recalculate the Vote in His Favor.”

Tina Nguyen, “‘Coward’: MAGA Internet Turns on Trump.”

Jonathan Martin, “In Capital, a GOP Crisis. At the RNC Meeting, a Trump Celebration.”

Luke Broadwater, “Pence Welcomes Futile Bid by GOP Lawmakers to Overturn Election.”

Andrew Quilty, “The CIA’s Afghan Death Squads.”

Peter Wehner, “Trump Is Losing His Mind.”

Democracy Now!, “Trump Claims to Oppose Violence, One Week after Telling Insurrectionists ‘We Love You.'”

Ed Pilkington, David Smith, Peter Beaumont, “Georgia Senate Runoffs: Democrat Raphael Warnock Wins against Kelly Loeffler.”

James Brooks, “Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski Calls on President Trump to Resign, Questions Her Future as a Republican.”

David E. Sanger and Alan Rappeport, “Treasury Department’s Senior Leaders Were Targeted by Hacking.”

David E. Sanger, Nicole Perlroth, and Julian E. Barnes, “As Understanding of Russian Hacking Grows, So Does Alarm.”

Maggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt, “Trump Pardons Two Russia Inquiry Figures and Blackwater Guards.”

Paul Rosenzweig, “Trump’s Pardon of Manafort Is the Realization of the Founders’ Fears.”

Tim Naftali, “Trump’s Pardons Make the Unimaginable Real.”

The Guardian‘s View on Trump’s Executions: Vicious to the End.”

Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman, Noah Weiland, Sharon LaFraniere, and Mark Mazzetti, “Trump’s Focus as the Pandemic Raged: What Would It Mean for Him?”

Jamie McGee, Rick Rojas, Lucy Tompkins, and Derrick Bryson Taylor, “A Warning, Then a Blast: Nashville Explosion Was Deliberate, Police Say.”

Anand Giridharadas, “The Next Era Starts Now.”

Abhik Pramanik, “If War Correspondents Reported on the MAGA Riots in the Same Way They Reported on Coup Attempts in Other Countries.”

And . . .



Critical Inquiry, “Posts from the Pandemic.”

Zeynep Tufekci, “Hang On for Three More Months” and “The Mutated Virus Is a Ticking Time Bomb.”

Zeynep Tufekci and Michael Mina, “Can We Do Twice as Many Vaccinations as We Thought?”

Sharon Lerner, “World Faces COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Apartheid.'”

Jon D. Lee, “The Utter Familiarity of Even the Strangest Vaccine Conspiracy Theories.”

Noah Weiland, “‘Like a Hand Grasping’: Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the CDC.”

Chiara Cordelli, “The Covid Crisis Has Shown How Privatisation Corrodes Democracy.”

Carl Zimmer and Benedict Carey, “The UK Coronavirus Variant: What We Know.”

Emily Cochrane, “Congress Passes Huge Coronavirus Relief Bill.”

Claire Cain Miller, Margot Sanger-Katz, and Katherine J. Wu, “What You Can Do Post-Vaccine, and When.”

Joanne Silberner, “Why You Should Still Wear a Mask and Avoid Crowds after Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine.”

James Hamblin, “The Mysterious Link between COVID-19 and Sleep.”

Patricia Lockwood, “Insane after Coronavirus.”

And Spencer Alexander McDaniel, “Dr. Fauci Has a Classics Degree!”


Nuclear and Environmental

Brad Plumer, “COVID-19 Took a Bite from US Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2020.”



Rafi Letzter, “The Milky Way Is Probably Full of Dead Civilizations.”

Emily Segal, “The ‘Great Conjunction’ Kicks Off a New Astrological Epoch. So What Now?”



Elisabetta Povoledo, “Snail, Fish, and Sheep Soup, Anyone? Savory New Finds at Pompeii.”

And Iggy Pop, “Caesar Lives.”



David Golumbia, “Trump’s Twitter Ban Is a Step toward Ending the Hijacking of the First Amendment.”

Matthew Gault, “Every Video Ever Posted to Parler Is Now Available to Download.”

Frank Pasquale, “The Bounds of Political Discourse: Why the Trump Bans Make Sense.”

Elizabeth A. Harris and Nicole Perlroth, “Why on Earth Is Someone Stealing Unpublished Book Manuscripts?”

Jake Rossen, “James Baldwin’s Record Collection Is Now a 478-Track Spotify Playlist.”

Aaron A. Reed, “Fifty Years of Text Games.”

Quentin Lewis, “My Yearnotes for 2020.”

Patrick Jagoda, “Games of the Year.”

Z. M. L., “My Favorite Books from 2020.”

And Trump Twitter Archive.


Theory and Criticism

Alex Niven, “Our Debt to Mark Fisher.”

Adam Kotsko, “American Politics in the Era of Zombie Neoliberalism.”

Jonathan Kramnick, “Criticism and Truth.”

Publisher’s Weekly, review of Love’s Shadow, by Paul A. Bové.

Stuart Walton, “What We Call Progress,” review of The Benjamin Files, by Fredric Jameson.

Timothy Aubry, “Form contra Aesthetics.”

Russ Castronovo, “Creatures of Habit: From Our First Zombie President to Ling Ma’s Severance.”

Tom Eyers, “New Truths.”

Lindsay Waters, “Those Were the Days of the MLA, My Friends.”

And @philosophersbot.


Literature and Culture

Gillian White, “A Month in the Life,” on Bernadette Mayer’s Memory.

Carmel Dagan, “Michael Apted, Director of Coal Miner’s Daughter and Up Series of Documentaries, Dies at 79.”

Hyped on Melancholy, vol. 5.

Merve Emre, “How Leonora Carrington Feminized Surrealism.”

Harris Feinsod, “C. D. Wright Lecture.”

Johanna Winant Erica Fretwell and Emily Ogden, “Dickinson Variations.”

Wake Island.

Marion Renault, “An Elixir from the French Alps, Frozen in Time.”

Suryasarathi Bhattacharya, “Usha Iyer on Her Book Dancing Women, a Deep Dive into the Material and Cultural Production of Dance in Hindi Cinema.”


Nonfiction and Fiction

Sarah Miller, “Cancel New Year’s Eve Forever.”

Aaron Timms, “Salt Fat Acid Defeat.”

Mike Kleine, burnin’ oceans.


Video Games

Mike Isaac and Kellen Browning, Cyberpunk 2077 Was Supposed to Be the Biggest Video Game of the Year. What Happened?”

Joe Skrebels, “Decoding Season, PS5, and PC’s Mysterious Road Trip Adventure.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Donatella Della Rata, “Teaching into the Void.”

Brian Rosenberg, “Higher Education in a Time of Insurrection.”

Andy Thomason, “DeVos Resigns over Trump’s Incitement of Capitol Mob.”

Patricia McGuire, “Colleges Share the Blame for Assault on Democracy.”

Len Gutkin, “The Fascism Question.”

Megan Zahneis, “His University Celebrated His Success. Then It Fired Him.”

Tom Bartlett, “Joseph Epstein Is Not a Fan of the Modern University.”

Paul Musgrave, “Against Academic Book Reviews.”



Leah Frankel and Iris Cushing, “Intertexture: Weave and Word.”

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