Parts of the Patriot Act Expire and Other Links

National Security State

Jennifer Steinhauer and Jonathan Weisman, “Key Parts of Patriot Act Expire Temporarily as Senate Moves Toward Limits on Spying.”

Jennifer Steinhauer and Jonathan Weisman, “Senate to Take Up Spy Bill as Parts of Patriot Act Expire.”

James Ball, “End of Patriot Act Restrictions Is a Win But Vigilance Is Needed to Make It Real.”


Sam Gindin, “Is Another Crisis Looming?”

S. E. Smith, “The Real Reason Young People Are the Poorest Generation in 25 Years.”



Tristan Rayner, “The Blackest Material in the World Is Very Weird to Look at.”



John Whitaker, “Protecting Priceless Art from Natural Disasters.”


Literature and Culture

Jean-Paul Sartre, “Americans and Their Myths.”

McKenzie Wark, Fury Road.”

Obrad Savić interviews Stathis Gourgouris, “Dream Nation and the Phantasm of Europe, Part I.”

Walter Benn Michales, “Fifty Shades of Libertarian Love.”

Tom LeClair, review of The Familiar, by Mark Z. Danielewski.

Cynthia Ozick, review of The Daemon Knows, by Harold Bloom.

Warren Ellis, “The Future Is a Confidence Trick.”

Boris Kachka, “When Did Books Get So Long? The Year of the Very Long Novel.”

Robin Wasserman, “The Art of Ressurection,” review of Montage of Heck.

Anna Garvey, The Oregon Trail Generation: Life before and after Mainstream Tech.”

Jim Hinch, “Forty Years’ War.”

Thomas Crowley, “John Oliver Should Be More Like Mad Max.”

Christopher Orr, “In Tomorrowland, the End of the World Is Disneyfied.”

Rachel Laudan, “A Plea for Culinary Modernism.”

Colin MacCabe, “Cannes Dispatch: Son of Saul.”

Abraham Riesman, “The Secret History of Ultimate Marvel.”

David Foster Wallace’s “Host” gets a digital makeover.

Sharan Shetty, “There Is Justice in the World: Human Centipede 3 Gets Worst Metacritic Score Ever.”

And Sam Cohen, “Sideline Poetry.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Julie Rovner, “A Top Medical School Revamps Requirements to Lure English Majors.”

Valerie Strauss, “Stephen Colbert to Wake Forest Graduates: ‘I’ll Leave You with a Bit of Wisdom I Picked Up from Mad Max: Fury Road.'”

Rebecca Schuman, “College Students Are Not Customers.”

Laura McKenna, “The Cost of an Adjunct.”

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