Slow Learning and Other Links

Environment and Disaster

George Dvorsky, “A Dramatic 260 Foot Crater Has Mysteriously Appeared in Siberia.”

giant siberian crater

National Security State

Sue Halpern, “NSA Surveillance: What the Government Can’t See.”

Tom Engelhardt, “The New American Exceptionalism: An Imperial State Unable to Impose Its Will.” (This only shares a title with Donald E. Pease‘s excellent book of the same name, The New American Exceptionalism.)

H. Bruce Franklin, “America’s Memory of the Vietnam War in the Epoch of the Forever War.”

Jeffrey Frank, “Obama’s Unwritten History.”

Xeni Jardin, “NSA Sees Your Nude Pix ‘as Fringe Benefits of Surveillance Positions,’ Says Snowden.”


David Frum, “Russia Has Become Dangerous Again: The Illusion of a Stable Europe Died Yesterday with the Murdered Passengers of MH17.”



Robert Pogue Harrison, “The Children of Silicon Valley.” The kids are not all right.

Xeni Jardin, “Swedish Man and His Prolific Bots Are Responsible for 8.5% of All Wikipedia Articles.”

Amazon Unlimited. Didn’t this used to be called the library and it was free?

David Sirota, “Comcast’s Worst Nightmare: How Tennessee Could Save America’s Internet.” Could we get the Internet through . . . public utilities like the electric company?


Literature and Culture

Stathis Gourgouris interviews Aamir Mufti in the Greek Left Review.

Jason Rubenfire, “Infinite Vocabulary: The Language of David Foster Wallace.”

Belén Fernández, “Burn Before Reading.” Jacobin slams Thomas Friedman, saying “there are few things more disordered in the world than a Thomas Friedman column.”

Robin Marie Averbeck, “Why I’m Not a Liberal.”

Eileen Jones, “No War but Ape War.”


Humanities and Higher Education

Maggie O’Neill, “The SLOW University: Work, Time, and Well-Being.” I’m glad to see that this idea of slow learning is getting some coverage. I first heard the concept from Wlad Godzich at a talk he gave at the University of Pittsburgh, who of course made the point is that it is a very old concept, indeed! And Godzich was a bit more nuanced than this article, but the idea of slow learning definitely needs to be part of the conversation.

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