Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 28: June 16–July 15, 2022

Nuclear and Environmental

Eric Schlosser, “What If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine?”

Adam Liptak, “Supreme Court Strips Federal Government of Crucial Tool to Control Pollution.”

Zach St. George, “Can Planting a Trillion New Trees Save the World?”

Neelan Bohra, “Arizona Wildfire Destroys Observatory Buildings.”

Christopher Flavelle and Julie Tate, “How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions.”


Max Fisher, “Is the World Really Falling Apart, or Does It Just Feel That Way?”

Carl Hulse, “Mitch McConnell’s Court Delivers.”

Charlie Savage, “Decades Ago, Alito Laid Out Methodical Strategy to Eventually Overrule Roe.”

Ezra Klein, “Dobbs Is Not the Only Reason to Question the Legitimacy of the Supreme Court.”

Katherine Stewart, “Christian Nationalists Are Excited about What Comes Next.”

Amanda Taub, “Where the Risks of Pregnancy Meet Abortion Laws and Health Care.”

Luke Broadwater and Michael S. Schmidt, “Trump, Told It Was Illegal, Still Pressured Pence to Overturn His Loss.”

Annie Karni and Maggie Haberman, “For Mike Pence, January 6 Began Like Many Days. It Ended Like No Other.”

Peter Baker, “New Insights Into Trump’s State of Mind on January 6 Chip Away at Doubts.”

Luke Broadwater and Alan Feuer, “Trump Sought to Conceal Plans for March to Capitol, Panel Says.”

Maggie Haberman, “Tears, Screaming and Insults: Inside an ‘Unhinged’ Meeting to Keep Trump in Power.”

Reid J. Epstein, “As Faith Flags in US Government, Many Voters Want to Upend the System.”

KK Ottesen, “‘They Are Preparing for War’: An Expert on Civil Wars Discusses Where Political Extremists Are Taking this Country.”

James Meek, “What Are You Willing to Do?,” review of How Civil Wars Start–and How to Stop Them, by Barbara F. Walter.

Jonathan Weisman, “Democrats’ Risky Bet: Aid GOP Extremists in Spring, Hoping to Beat Them in Fall.”

Ana Marie Cox, “Democrats Can Win if They Embrace the Politics of Fear.”

Alan MacLeod, Top Gun: Maverick is Military Propaganda. Official Documents Prove It.”

And Lucy Huber, “We Are an Anti-Abortion Couple, and Don’t Worry, We Will Adopt Your Baby.”


Shannon Hall, “Summer Solstice 2022 and the Search for Life in the Galaxy.”


James Webb Space Telescope, “First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope.”

Dennis Overbye, Kenneth Chang, and Joshua Sokol, “Webb Telescope Reveals a New Vision of an Ancient Universe.”

The New York Times, “Five Things Learned from the Webb Telescope’s First Images.”

Farhad Manjoo, “The Webb Telescope Restored (Some of) My Faith in Humanity.”

AAS WorldWide Telescope.

Paul Mozur, Muyi Xiao, and John Liu, “‘An Invisible Cage’: How China Is Policing the Future.”

Murray Scriptorium.

Hannah Getahun, “After an AI Bot Wrote a Scientific Paper on Itself, the Researcher behind the Experiment Says She Hopes She Didn’t Open a ‘Pandora’s Box.'”

Alexandra Alter and Elizabeth A. Harris, “Some Surprising Good News: Bookstores Are Booming and Becoming More Diverse.”

Josh Taylor, “From Trump Nevermind Babies to Deep Fakes: DALL-E and the Ethics of AI Art.”

Makiko Inoue and Tiffany May, “Lost and Found: USB Sticks with Data on 460,000 People.”

Rose Courteau, Kate Guadagnino, and Miguel Morales, “The Twenty-Five Most Significant New York City Novels From the Last One Hundred Years.”

Brett Sokol and Matt Stevens, “FBI Raids Orlando Museum and Removes Basquiat Paintings.”


Livia Albeck-Ripka, “Explosion Destroys Mysterious Monument in Georgia, Authorities Say.”

The Elberton Star, “Alleged Time Capsule Disproved.”

Jordan Gerblick, Diablo Immortal Player Uses $50,000 Worth of WoW Gold to Absolutely Flatten ‘Cash Whales.'”

Theory and Criticism

Ethan Kleinberg, “Deconstruction Isn’t Dead.”

Jason DeYoung, “A Call to Wake Up: On Viktor Shklovsky’s “On the Theory of Prose.”

Joseph Albernaz, Margaret Ronda, Tyler Austin Harper, Erica McAlpine, and Rob Halpern, Symposium on The Calamity Form, by Anahid Nersessian.

Tom Eyers, review of The Calamity Form: On Poetry and Social Life, by Anahid Nersessian.

John Thomason, “Olúfémi O. Táíwò’s Theory of Everything.”

Samuel Cohen, “Against the Day.”

Literature and Culture

Shelbi Polk, “Ottessa Moshfegh’s Lapvona Reflects the Darkest Ills of Human Nature.”

Francesca Billington, “Medieval Times: On Otessa Moshfegh’s Lapvona.”

Todd Cronnan, “Zadie Smith Finds Her Way to Class.”

Katie Benner, “The Power of the Press,” review of Bad City: Peril and Power in the City of Angels, by Paul Pringle.

Jason Christian, “Game, Set, Match,” review of The Last Days of Roger Federer and Other Endings, by Geoff Dyer.

Maureen Dowd, “Ken Auletta Finally Wrote the Harvey Weinstein Story He Wanted to Tell.”

Daniel Roman, “Why Raised by Wolves Deserves to Be Saved.”

And Julia Jacobs and Mark Guarino, “John Hinckley’s Sold-Out Brooklyn Concert Is Canceled.”


Elizabeth A. Harris, “Ada Limón Is Named the Next Poet Laureate.”

Ava Hofmann, “Mentally missturbed.”

Video Games

David Zvi Kalman, “In Defense of Wasting Time: On C. Thi Nguyen’s Games: Agency As Art.”

Steven Kurutz, “No Guns, No Dragons: Her Video Games Capture Private Moments.”


Brianna Hatch, “‘There’s So Many Questions’: Sports-Realignment Shocker Could Mean a Sea Change for Higher Ed.”

Roxane Gay, “Brittney Griner Is Trapped and Alone. Where’s Your Outrage?”

Christopher Clarey, “When Will Federer and the Williams Sisters Call It Quits? Maybe Never.”

Humanities and (Higher) Education

Nicole Carr, “White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One.”

Oyin Adedoyin, “Race on Campus: Should the ‘B’ in ‘Black’ Be Capitalized?”

Isha Trivedi, “Faculty-Pay Survey Records the Largest One-Year Drop Ever.”

Jeffrey J. Williams, “Why Academe Needs Unions and How to Form One: An Interview with Robin Sowards.”

“Is Twitter Making Academe Stupid and Mean?”

Leonard Cassuto, “On the Dissertation: How to Find a Research Topic.”

Jacquelyn Elia, “Who Does Your College Think Its Peers Are?”

And Wyatt Myskow and Dan Bauman, “‘Whose Brilliant Idea Was This?’: How Ohio State Successfully Trademarked the Word ‘THE.'”


Janine Faust, “Vladimir Padunov: Catch Him Outside the Cathedral.” (RIP Volodia.)

Eric Kelderman, “How Fetal-Tissue Research Became the Focus of One State’s Budget Impasse.”

Oneonta and New York State

Onondaga Nation, “The Onondaga Nation, in Unprecedented Land Back Movement, Regains 1,023 Acres of the Land from New York State.”

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