Links in the Time of Coronavirus, Vol. 15: May 16–June 15, 2021

Nuclear and Environmental

Coral Davenport, “The Keystone XL Pipeline Project Has Been Terminated.”

Nadja Popovich, “How Severe Is the Western Drought? See For Yourself.”

Dan Sinykin, “The End of the World as We Know It.”

Clifford Krauss and Peter Eavis, “Climate Activists Defeat Exxon in Push for Clean Energy.”

Stanley Reed and Claire Moses, “A Dutch Court Rules That Shell Must Step Up Its Climate Change Efforts.”

Lisa Friedman, “Biden Administration Defends Huge Alaska Oil Drilling Project.”

Paquito Bernard, “It’s Time to Tackle Climate Change in all University Disciplines.”


Morgan Meis, “Timothy Morton’s Hyper-Pandemic.”

The Editorial Board of the New York Times, “America Is Failing Its Moral Test on Vaccines.”

Michael D. Shear, Julian E. Barnes, Carl Zimmer and Benjamin Mueller, “Biden Orders Intelligence Inquiry into Origins of Virus.”

Zeynep Tufekci, “Checking Facts Even If One Can’t.”

Apoorva Mandavilli, “Immunity to the Coronavirus May Persist for Years, Scientists Find.”

And Alexa Lardieri, “Florida, Alabama No Longer Reporting Daily Coronavirus Data.”

Politics and Economics

Jesse Eisinger, Jeff Ernsthausen, and Paul Kiel, “The Secret IRS Files: Trove of Never-before-seen Records Reveal How the Wealthiest Avoid Income Tax.”

Jesse Drucker and Danny Hakim, “Private Inequity: How a Powerful Industry Conquered the Tax System.”

Peter Eavis, “Meager Rewards for Workers, Exceptionally Rich Pay for CEOs.”

Sean Illing, “Are Democrats Sleepwalking toward Democratic Collapse?”

Jill Lepore, “Burnout: Modern Affliction or Human Condition?”

Alex N. Press, “We’re Being Worked to Death by Capital.”

Cory Doctorow, “Efficiency Is Very Inefficient.”

Peter S. Goodman and Niraj Chokshi, “How the World Ran Out of Everything.”

Kimberly Merriman, David Greenway, and Tamara Montag-Smit, “Why Workers Are Calling BS on Leaders about Returning to the Office.”

Sara Boboltz, “Prosecutors Convene Grand Jury That Could Weigh Potential Trump Charges: Reports.”

Charlie Savage, “Justice Department Fights to Keep Secret a Memo on Clearing Trump in Russia Inquiry.”

Charlie Savage and Katie Benner, “Trump Administration Secretly Seized Phone Records of Times Reporters.”

Katie Benner, Nicholas Fandos, Michael S. Schmidt, and Adam Goldman, “Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress.”

Katie Benner, “Meadows Pressed Justice Department to Investigate Election Fraud Claims.”

David E. Sanger and Michael D. Shear, “Eighty Years Later, Biden and Johnson Revise the Atlantic Charter for a New Era.”

Vanessa Barbara, “The Unveiling of Bolsonaro’s Supervillain Plot Is Weirdly Gripping.”

Jodi Kantor, Karen Weise, and Grace Ashford, “The Amazon That Customers Don’t See.”

The Ezra Klein Show, “Obama Explains How America Went for ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘MAGA.'”


Zachary Cohen, “What We Know about UFOs: How the Pentagon Has Handled Reported Sightings, Mysterious Videos, and More.”

Christian Spencer, “Extinct Giant Bird Claw with the Flesh Still on it Resurfaces Online.”

Rojoef Manuel, “Neuralink Brain Chip Will End Language in Five to Ten Years, Elon Musk Says.”


Gary Younge, “Why Every Single Statue Should Come Down.”

Campbell Robertson, “Search for Victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre Has Uncovered Twenty-Seven Coffins.”


Zachary Loeb, “Burn It All,” review of Your Computer Is on Fire, edited by Thomas S. Mullaney, Benjamin Peters, Mar Hicks, and Kavita Philip.

Review of Wiki of Infinite Sorrow, by Matthew Burnside.

Criticism and Theory

Leo Robson, “Canny Reader,” on J. Hillis Miller.

Martin Doyle, “Seamus Deane, Leading Irish Writer and Critic, Has Died Aged 81.”

Paul A. Bové, “Walter Benjamin, Historical Materialist (1940).”

Harrison Fluss, Daniel Tutt, and Ronald Beiner, podcast review of Nietzsche, the Aristocratic Rebel: Intellectual Biography and Critical Balance-Sheet (2001), by Domenico Losurdo.

Christian Lorentzen, “Like Rain on Your Wedding Day.”

Jacob Romanow, “Disordered Attachments: On Literary Criticism and Love.”

Peter Linebaugh, “The Commons as the Fulcrum for Social Regeneration.”

Lee Konstantinou and Dan Sinykin, eds., “Publishing American Literature, 1945–2020.”

Johanna Winant, ed., “Interpretive Difficulty.”

Emily Ogden, “The Lucid Stillness of His Style.”

Geoff Bouvier, “What Echo Writes: Feminist Écriture and the Otic Omnitextual.”

Robert Nichols, Theft Is Property! Dispossession and Critical Theory (Duke University Press, 2020).

Mlotek, “Looks Authentic: The Aesthetics of Conspiracy.”

Literature and Culture

Between the Covers, “Natalie Diaz: Postcolonial Love Poem: Part One.”

The New Yorker Union.

Rachel Syme, Inside, Reviewed: Bo Burnham’s Virtuosic Portrait of a Mediated Mind.”

Jason Zinoman, “Bo Burnham’s Inside: A Comedy Special and an Inspired Experiment.”

Richard Brody, “Bo Burnham and the Possibilities of the Cinematic Selfie.”

Anya Soller, “I Refuse to Review Bo Burnham’s Inside.”

Brian Logan, Bo Burnham: Inside Review – This Is a Claustrophobic Masterpiece.”

Sarah Mesle, “Mare’s Hair.”

Rosemarie Ho, “The History of Publishing Is a History of Racial Inequality.”

LARB’s Best: TV.

Devoney Looser, “Breaking the Silence: Exploring the Austen Family’s Complex Entanglements with Slavery.”

Sasha Frere-Jones, “Triple Double: Nathaniel Mackey’s Ongoing Game of Language,” review of Double Trio: Tej Bet, So’s Notice, Nerve Church, by Nathaniel Mackey.

Merve Emre, “A Japanese Novelist’s Tale of Bullying and Nietzsche.”

Eunsong Kim, “For Those of Us Who Cannot Leave or Stay—”

Sophie Gilbert, “We Choose Our Cults Every Day.”

Janique Vigier, “Sympathy for the Devil,” review of Second Place, by Rachel Cusk.

Eric Barry Drasin, “Love in the Time of Crypto-Art.”

Dustin Illingworth, “You Say Plagiarism. I Say Provocation.”

Lauren Mechling, “‘Exacerbating and Enthralling’: How a Wildly Unpopular Podcast Became a Literary-World Sensation.”

Jake Reynolds, review of Rites & Passages, by James Knight.

Julia Carmel, “Eric Carle, Author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dies at 91.”

And Criterion Channel, “Films to Fall Asleep to.”


Jem Aswad, “The Linda Lindas Sign with Epitaph Records.”

Spencer Kornhaber, “The 2001 Album That Captured Modern Dread” (on Radiohead’s Amnesiac).

Craig Jenkins, “Just the Two of Us: On Their New Album, Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and Corin Tucker Recommit.”

Unscripted Moments: A Podcast about Propagandhi.

Inside (The Songs).

Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction

Lauren Russell, “Requiem for Elementary Language Acquisition.”

Ágnes Lehóczky, “Apropos a literature of consolation” and “Apropos self-contained or duplex apartments.”

Mike Corrao, “Interior Probe.”

Sandra Simonds, “Three Art Poems.”

Monique Laban, “We Know How It Ends.”

Joshua Zelesnick, “The Future Is Here.”

Mike Good, “Lurid Action” and “Heavy Fertilization.”

Steve Erickson, “American Stutter.”


Juliet Macur, “Simone Biles Dials Up the Difficulty, ‘Because I Can.'”

Sam Anderson, “Kevin Durant and (Possibly) the Greatest Basketball Team of All Time.”

Scott Cacciola, “Even LeBron James Isn’t Eternal.”

Humanities and Higher Education

David Matthews, “Irish President Warns of ‘Market-Driven’ Universities.”

Audrey Williams June, “Spring Enrollment’s Final Count Is In. Colleges Lost 600,000 Students.”

Diana Bellonby, “Academia Trained You—But the World Needs You.”

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University.

Andy Thomason, “New CDC Guidance: Colleges Where ‘Everyone Is Vaccinated’ Can Return to Full, In-Person Learning.”

Aishvarya Kavi, “Robert Mueller Will Take Law Students behind the Decision-making Process of the Russia Inquiry.”

Rukmini Callimachi, “For Colleges, Vaccine Mandates Often Depend on Which Party Is in Power.”

Lindsay Ellis, “Behind Nikole Hannah-Jones’s Tenure Case.”

Jack Stripling, “‘What the Hell Happened?’ Inside the Nikole Hannah-Jones Tenure Case.”

Audrey Williams June and Brian O’Leary, “How Many Black Women Have Tenure on Your Campus? Search Here.”

Samuel Cohen, “The 2016 Project.”

Sarah Viren, “The Native Scholar Who Wasn’t.”

Asheesh Kapur Siddique, “Campus Cancel Culture Freakouts Obscure the Power of University Boards.”

Megan Zahneis, “Shared Governance Was Eroding before Covid-19. Now It’s a Landslide, AAUP Report Says.”

Dan Bauman, “A New Mega-University Expects to Earn Big Money Immediately. Are Its Projections Too Ambitious?”

Alison Flood, “Oxford University Press to End Centuries of Tradition by Closing Its Printing Arm.”

And Dana S. Dunn and Jane S. Halonen, “Come Back, Face-to-Face Faculty Meetings: All Is Forgiven!”


Claire Cain Miller, Margot Sanger-Katz, and Kevin Quealy, “What Activities Can Unvaccinated Children Do? Advice From 828 Experts.”

Anthony Reyes, “NYS Announces Updated Guidance for Child Care, Day Camps, Overnight Camps.”

WHEC TV, “State Reverses Mask Requirement for Two- to Five-Year-Olds at Daycare.”


Phillip Maciak, “Dark Night Rises: Ed Simon’s Alternative History of Pittsburgh.”


“Oneonta, New York: Small City, Big Heart.”

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