May Links

It’s been a busy month, and a there’s a bunch of stuff to catch up on, so links:


Disaster and Environment

David Roberts, “The Awful Truth about Climate Change No One Wants to Admit.”

Sarah Resnick, “A Note on the Long Tomorrow.”

Phil Plait, “Jovian Armageddon +20.”

Jamie Lauren Keiles, “Millennial Revenge Fantasy.”

“Texas Governor Signs Law to Prohibit Local Fracking Bans.”

Maureen McHugh, David Rieff, Benjamin Kunkel, Joseph McElroy, Srikanth Reddy, and Ted Nelson: “Speculations Archive: Overextending Ourselves.”

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Walden, a Game; or, Oh Come On

Came across a piece in the latest Harper’s talking about a project from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Walden, a game. I sorta can’t believe that anyone is making this. Like, didn’t some advisor at USC try to dissuade the makers of this? Or, did the team maybe, like, reread Walden and think, hmm, perhaps Thoreau was thinking something different than a video game (even one that looks like it admirably emphasizes contemplation rather than play). But seriously . . . .