Walden, a Game; or, Oh Come On

Came across a piece in the latest Harper’s talking about a project from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Walden, a game. I sorta can’t believe that anyone is making this. Like, didn’t some advisor at USC try to dissuade the makers of this? Or, did the team maybe, like, reread Walden and think, hmm, perhaps Thoreau was thinking something different than a video game (even one that looks like it admirably emphasizes contemplation rather than play). But seriously . . . .

One thought on “Walden, a Game; or, Oh Come On

  1. Reblogged this on plumintheicebox and commented:
    I am all for innovative ways educate and spread literature but I have to agree. “Learn how to live simply (with this edgy new game on your computer) and get in touch with nature (without going outside)!” I wish that J-Pod (the show) was still airing so that they could make a season out of this.
    In a way there is some sort of thin thread of integrity to the idea: a whole new level of marrying interaction with isolation through the digital. However, the argument that people are being less social by staying on their computers all day was not, I think, what Thoreau had in mind.

    My only hope for this game is that they still include a ridiculous amount of complex puns.

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