More from Ferguson, the Earth Is Doomed in 2880, and Other Links

Nuclear and Environmental

Nick Blackborn, “How to Hide a Nuclear Missile.”

Paul Rogers, “California Drought: 17 Communities Could Run Out of Water in 60 to 120 Days, State Says.”

Seth Borenstein, “Recent Glacial Melt Mostly Caused By Man-Made Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Study Finds.”

Jeff Spross, “Meet the First Pacific Island Town to Relocate Thanks to Climate Change.”

Katie Valentine, “The Longest River in the US Is Being Altered by Climate Change.”

Isobel Markham, “Huge Asteroid Set to Wipe Out Life on Earth — in 2880.”


Bob Herbert, “The Fire This Time.”

Gail Sullivan, “How Facebook and Twitter Control What You See about Ferguson.”

“Ferguson Unrest: Egypt Urges US to Show Restraint.”

Nathaniel Downes, “Ferguson Police Busted: Attempt to Defame Shooting Victim Blows Up in Their Face.”

Jamelle Bouie, “Why the Fires in Ferguson Won’t End Soon.”

Jelani Cobb, “A Movement Grows in Ferguson.”

Lanre Akinsiku, “The Price of Blackness.”

Benjamin Wallace-Wells, “The Summer of 2014 and the Return of the Politics of Racism.”

Matthew Yglesias, “Police Are Operating with Total Impunity in Ferguson.”

“Mapping the Spread of the US Military’s Surplus Gear.”

Ashley Yates, “#Ferguson.”


Annysa Johnson and Nina Barton, “Islamic Militants Execute Journalist, MU Grad James Foley.”

Politics and Economics

Bonnie Honig’s “Three Models of Emergency Politics” has been made available by boundary 2.

Rob Horning, “Liquid Authenticity.”


Manuel Abreu, “Incalculable Loss.” “The algorithms that make up Big Data distribute complicity for death across the populations they surveil.”


An interview with Nick Bostrom.

Literature and Culture

Noah Berlasky, “Building a Better Panopticon,” a review of Linda Williams’s book on The Wire (2002-2008).

Some interesting things going on at the University of Arizona, my alma mater: “Transgender Studies Today: An Interview with Susan Stryker.”

Nate Lavey and Jay Kang, “Object of Interest: The Vocoder.”

And an interview with my friend Dave Keaton: “Hey, Why’d You Do That David James Keaton?”

Humanities and Higher Education

America’s coming student loan apocalypse. (I guess anything can be an apocalypse these days.)

Graeme Wood, “The Future of College?” (Ugh.)

“The Adjunct Crisis: A Reading List.”

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