Quantum Data Teleportation and Other Science Fictions (Links)


Adrienne LaFrance, “The US Army Says It Can Teleport Quantum Data Now, Too.”

Joe Veix, “Top Tweets from the CIA.”

Adrienne LaFrance, “The Promise of a New Internet” and “Facebook is Expanding the Way It Tracks You and Your Data.”

Robinson Meyer, “Google Owns a Satellite Now.”

According to Tim Parks, in “Reading: The Struggle,” it is really hard to read today. I wish someone would talk to me before making such claims. . . .

Andrew Leonard, “Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Vision of the Future is Terrifying.”

And some good news in hyperarchivalism: the entire Jade Tree catalog just became available for streaming. Avail, Cap’n Jazz, Denali, Jets to Brazil, Lifetime, Milemarker, Pedro the Lion, The Promise Ring, These Arms Are Snakes, The Turing Machine, et cetera. My youth in miniature.


John Cassidy, “The Iraq Mess: Place Blame Where It Is Deserved.”

Owen Jones, “We Anti-War Protesters Were Right: The Iraq Invasion Has Led to Bloody Chaos.”

Nafeez Ahmed, “Pentagon Preparing for Mass Civil Breakdown.”

Ben Popper, “The Cyborg Era Begins Next Week at the World Cup.”


US Literature and Culture

The forthcoming issue of Critical Inquiry, edited by Patrick Jagoda and Hillary Chute, is a special issue devoted to many different media formats and looks fascinating.

Ruth Maraglit on the real life jail in Orange Is the New Black (2013-2014).

Christopher Orr, “The Meta Delights of 22 Jump Street.”

Nicole Rudick on the fifty year anniversary of Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems (1964).

J’Lyn Chapman’s Introduction to Critical Theory course interviews J. Hillis Miller.


Humanities and Higher Education

Some of the most worrying education news in months: Jennifer Medina, “Judge Rejects Teacher Tenure for California.”

Dana Goldstein, “Will California’s Ruling Against Teacher Tenure Change Schools?”

Diane Ravitch, “Making Schools Poor.”

Mark Landler, “Obama, Noting Own Student Debt Burden, Expands Repayment Cap and Pushes Bill.”

James Turner, “Yes, the Humanities Are Struggling, but They Will Endure.”

Wait, no they won’t! James Pulizzi, “In the Near Future, Only Very Wealthy Colleges Will Have English Departments.” (Or, the title of this piece on the URL: “The Advent of Digital Humanities Will Make English Departments Pointless.) This is about as thoughtful and reasoned as it sounds. . . .

Leonard Cassuto, “The MLA Tells It Like It Is.” A slightly different take on the MLA Report on Doctoral Study. (A quite different take than Rebecca Schuman’s.)

This (kind of ridiculous) job description was making the rounds last week, and Rebecca J. Rosen got hold of it: “A Job Description Written for Exactly One Person.” The person is Michael S. Malone.



Annalee Newitz, “Here’s NASA’s New Design for a Warp Drive Ship.”

Ryan Whitwam, “The Downside of Warp Drives: Annihilating Whole Star Systems When You Arrive.”

Harry Stevens, “Where Life Is: The Search for a Planet Like Ours.”

Andy Coghlan, “Massive ‘Ocean’ Discovered Towards Earth’s Core.”

Linda Tischler, “Harvard Professor to Send the World’s First ‘Scent Message’ Across the Pond.”

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