January 2014 Links

It’s been a busy month, both in the news and in the world. Here’s a few things I’ve almost had time to read.


Nuclear and Disaster

“Almost Everything in Dr. Strangelove Was True,” Eric Schlosser, The New Yorker.

The DSM-5 is the worst.

So are polar vortexes.

The state of emergency in West Virginia and its long term effects.

Literary destruction.

XKCD on the weather.



NSA has a backdoor into your computer and to your iPhone.

Everything we know the NSA can do.

21st Century and beyond.

Sixty words.

Net neutrality.

Future timeline.

Climate apartheid.



Amiri Baraka will be missed.

History of American utopias podcast.

Bruce Robbins on the MLA Israel debate.

John McGowan has some questions about David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest.

It’s up to the Millennials now.

A reason to switch your major: there’s no jobs for scientists.

David Remnack’s time with President Barack Obama.

No more poverty?

Matthew Barney’s new film, River of Fundament.

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