More End of Spring Semester 2014 Links

So because the semester is still winding down and I’m finding new oodles of time to post stuff, here’s some more links for the end of the semester.

Gabriel García Márquez

Since I posted last the world has seen the loss of one of its greatest writers, Gabriel García Márquez. In memoriam, some links.

Obituary at The New York Times. At The Huffington Post. A 1999 piece from The New Yorker. The New York Review of Books reviews One Hundred Years of Solitude in 1970.


National Security State

Vivian Salama, “Death From Above: How American Drone Strikes are Devastating Yemen.”

Edward Snowden discusses his conversation with Vladimir Putin.



Earth twin found. And here.

Climate change is not natural.

A space elevator? . . . almost.

US Culture and Literature

Grant Morrison’s Multiversity is finally coming out.

Trisha Brady on Herman Melville for boundary 2‘s Great American Author Series.

Living in the US will drive you insane.

Peter Frase, “The Comforts of Dystopia” at Jacobin.

Josh Eidelson, “Inmates to Strike in Alabama, Declare Prison is ‘Running a Slave Empire.'”



For all the teachers out there.

Izabella Kaminska, “The Postcapitalist Economy” at The New Inquiry.

More from The New Inquiry‘s “Money” issue.

On David Brooks and education.

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