Assured Use of Space

My brother just alerted me to this relatively new and ongoing concern of the US Department of Defense: the assured use of space. He was also nice enough to point me toward an article that nicely lays out the global risks associated with space, “Mutually Assured Destruction: Space Weapons, Orbital Debris and the Deterrence Theory for Environmental Sustainability,” published in volume 37 of Air & Space Law. Among the article’s other concerns, Surya Gablin Gunasekara writes: “this article argues that the theory of Mutually Assured Destruction as applied to the space environment and the international space legal framework supply enough deterrence to prevent the widespread use of space weapons without the need for additional international agreements.” This adds a whole new wrinkle to my ongoing thinking about disaster, and further complicates notions of archival destruction because of how vital a role US communication satellites play in the global telecommunications infrastructure.

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