Forthcoming Publications on David Foster Wallace

Two articles I’ve written on David Foster Wallace should be published any day now:

“The Inverted Nuke in the Garden: Archival Emergence and Anti-Eschatology in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest,” boundary 2 39.3 (Fall 2012), was just announced along w/ the rest of the Table of Contents over at boundary 2‘s blog.

And my article, “‘Then Out of the Rubble’: The Apocalypse in David Foster Wallace’s Early Fiction,” Studies in the Novel 44.3 (Fall 2012): 284-303, was just announced on Studies in the Novel‘s website. The abstracts for all the articles of this special issue on Wallace, edited by Marshall Boswell, were also posted.

I’m pretty excited about both of these, and each issue looks to contain some pretty interesting work that I’m eager to read. I will provide links to my articles’ electronic/Project Muse versions when they become available.

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