More Pop Apocalypse

Another great quote from Lee Konstantinou’s Pop Apocalypse:

“Given the strategic interests of the Freedom Coalition, and the total certainty of the Foresight System’s battle scenario analysis and forecast, we have concluded that you, the peoples of the TransArabian Caliphate and the Federation of Imamates, have two objective choices in this geopolitical situation.  Please select one of the following two options.

“If you would like the Dome of the Rock to be fully bulldozed and the Third Temple built in its place, please phone: +234343 3432 09232.

“If you would like your civilization destroyed and the radioactive moonscape of your remaining lands occupied by an army of infidel invaders, please phone: +234343 3432 09233” (249).

Perhaps the best part, is how close the phone numbers are. . . .

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