Let there be sports

So my good friend, Ms. Adriana Ramirez, has decided to blog about the Pittsburgh Steelers, to immerse herself in the wanton black-and-gold which dominates so much of the burgh.  Please check it out, as it is titled (so nicely referring to myself): “Watching the Steelers w/ Brad.” I am going to try to accompany her occasionally on writing, as I will almost definitely be watching every game (w/ her), but hell, I’ve watched nearly every single Steeler game for the past 5 years, so if I do, I assume it will be in the mode of this here blog–i.e. a send-up of my relationship w/ the Steelers of the past, which were mostly the always disappointing Steelers of the 90s, Bubby goddamn Brister, Yancy Thigpen, Louis Lipps and other names which would never even occur to Pynchon b/c of their outlandishness (though they do have a current player named Ziggy Hood).  Regardless, I am very happy foozball season is back.  It is embarrassing how ridiculously enjoyable watching football can be.  First game: Steelers 13, Titans 10, w/ yet another great 4th quarter comeback from ole Big Ben.  That and a classic 19 yard sack that took them out of field goal range in the 1st quarter which was completely his fault.  He has got to learn how to throw the ball away.  C’mon!

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