Spring Semester 2016

I’m eager to begin another semester at the University of Pittsburgh. This spring I am teaching three classes: Seminar in Composition (ENGCMP 0200), Reading Poetry (ENGLIT 0315), and Introduction to Critical Reading (ENGLIT 0500). I have taught all three courses before and enjoy each one. Seminar in Composition is a newly redesigned course on the campus novel and the syllabus can be found on my Academia.edu page. I’d be happy to send along the syllabi for the other classes to interested parties, which tweak previous versions. (Among other texts, I’m eager to return to Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves [2000] in Introduction to Critical Reading, and quite excited to read Claudia Rankine’s Citizen [2014] in Reading Poetry). I have again decided not to do any class blogs this semester. For the blogs of previous classes, see the category “Teaching” to the right.

Spring Semester 2014

In two days I start a new semester teaching three classes I am very much looking forward to at the University of Pittsburgh: Reading Poetry (ENGLIT 0315), Narrative and Technology (ENGLIT 0399), and Introduction to Critical Reading (ENGLIT 0500). The links on the last two classes take you to the class blogs. I am especially excited for Introduction to Critical Reading, as I will be teaching Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow (1973) for the first time. “A screaming comes across the sky.” I cannot wait.

Fall 2013

Here are .pdfs of syllabi for classes I will be teaching this fall at the University of Pittsburgh:

Reading Poetry (ENGLIT 0315)–“American Poeisis: Imagining the Twentieth Century”

Introduction to Critical Reading (ENGLIT 0500)–“Light and Darkness in the Twentieth Century”

Narrative and Technology (ENGLIT 0399)–“Narrating Nuclear, Information, and Biological Technology”

And my Narrative and Technology students will be keeping a class blog. Check it out here.