Watershed Moment for US Voting Blocs

Its amazing how quickly the conversation has turned toward the slowly shifting demographics in the US and the twilight of the GOP as we know it. Jonathan Chait’s “2012 or Never” in New York magazine is a great article that anticipated all this last February (citing those that anticipated this way back in 2002), and creator of The Wire (2002-2008) David Simon has a pretty nice, concise blog post re: the changing political landscape as well (and I love that Simon’s blog is called The Audacity of Despair). Are we really moving into a future that I and so many others desire? Probably not, but at least we’re not moving into the past.

Obama Elected to Second Term

Don’t have much more to say than that, but I thought it necessary to in some way mark the historic occasion of not only the nation’s first black President, but one elected to a second term amidst catastrophic economic conditions and the unprecedented natural disaster of merely a week ago. Sometimes we do pay attention to our better angels, and don’t only respond to things through fear and shame. The image is from The New York Times.