Archives: Hardcore and Otherwise (and Nukes)

So, it looks like the time has come when late-90s–early-00s hardcore is hitting the archival stage. I picked up the quite excellent Building a Better Robot: 10 Years of the Mr. Roboto Project, which, to my mind, reads like a mini handbook to quite a bit of the hardcore/indie scene of the first part of the last decade. Even though I experienced it in Tucson, Pgh doesn’t really seem that far away. . . .

Mr. Al Burian is revolving in the same orbit in his review, “Nicely Dressed Noise,” of the hyperarchival Touchable Sound: A Collection of 7-inch Records from the USA. (Is this is the state of hardcore? needing to emphasize how it is now just an entry into the[/our own personal] archive? Could be worse. They could be mashing up Drive Like Jehu. Oh, wait.)

There is a blog that seriously just shows bookshelves. It is called Bookshelf Porn. Ah, bookshelves. A sample.

And nukes: one “minute” closer to the end of the world, and “How to Get a Nuclear Bomb” by William Langewiesche over at The Atlantic from December of 2006.

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