Apocalypse Forever

I just received (from R. for xmas) and am looking forward to reading Craig Child’s Apocalyptic Planet: Field Guide to the Everending Earth, which I imagine will fit nicely w/ this Wikipedia entry on the far future. The number of catastrophic things that have happened and will happen to the earth really dwarfs most anthropic notions of time, disaster, and crisis.

And on the other side of this spectrum, check out The Long Now Foundation.

Mayan Apocalypse Not Now

In honor of the end of the world that (yet again) failed to occur today (here’s assuming I’m not jumping the gun on this one), a few disaster-related stuff that is real.

Talking Points Memo reports on the link b/t the Newton, Connecticut shooting and doomsday preppers. (And oh yeah, even though I’ve failed to watch it yet, there’s a whole show on the National Geographic channel devoted to this type of doomsday prepping.)

In Guernica, Joel Kovel and Quincy Saul talk about ecosocialism in “Apocalypse and Revelation Are the Same Word.”

And Steven Shaviro has a new essay, Melancholia, or The Romantic Anti-Sublime,” in the new (free) online journal Sequence.

Enjoy the continuation of the world.

How Did We Ever Survive the Twentieth Century?

Quite the fail safe. io9 reports that “according to recently declassified documents made available by the U.S. National Security Archive, the United States had a contingency plan in effect where, in the event that the President went missing or was killed during an attack on the country, the military was instructed to launch an automatic and simultaneous ‘full nuclear response’ against both the Soviet Union and China. And it wasn’t until 1968 that the government under Lyndon Johnson repealed the directive.”

And, in other news, “Scientists Plan to Test to See if the Entire Universe is a Simulation.”