Hyperarchival Leap-Day Eve Links

So, first my good friend Alexander Provan, editor of the excellent Triple Canopy, and accomplished writer in his own right (see him, for example, on our post-nuclear future and Yucca Mountain at The Believer), is interviewed in this fairly interesting article on the future of literacy, print culture, etc (“Post-Print: Digital Publishing Comes of Age”) written by Ian Erickson-Kery over at The Eye.

Uncylopedia: what happens when Wikipedia intentionally gets it wrong. I find this fascinating in the extreme, and pretty much what I (sometimes) mean by “hyperarchival.”

In commemoration of DFW’s 50th b-day, 46 things of his to look at on the internet.

Star Wars Uncut: mashing together homemade scenes of Star Wars into one, gigantic, hyperarchival gem.

(Since I’ve been playing quite a bit of Skyrim recently [and am actually currently planning on writing a bit for it here], “Fuck Forever, and Never Die.” Though I’m not sure really why sex is really part of this conversation, this is a fairly interesting article.)

And from io9: “Rock You Like an Apocalypse: Art that Destroys the World!” A whole smorgasbord of eschatological imagery. A couple examples:

Notice What’s Missing?

As I’ve been thinking about a lot quite recently, it seems that there is a multiplication of risk projections, and they are tied together in a kind of disaster ecology, but nuclear war (let alone war in general, below) does not appear to be part of the eschatological imagination of the present. Enjoy.